Temple of Zari

Temple of Zari often called the dawn temple – today, probably the most revered in Thailand Hindu shrine. The temple was obtained by the temple named the Divine Arun, which is first met the first dawn in the morning.

The temple was built at the end of the 18th century. Interesting story of his cladding – Chinese porcelain raised from the bottom of the river with the vessel’s sunken earlier. That is why the temple is sometimes «Temple of broken dishes». The architecture of the temple is very fat – The central tower with a height of about 88 meters is perfectly visible in the central part of Bangkok, four angular towers are created by a stunning harmonious ensemble.

The temple of the morning dawn embodies the whole worldview of the Hindus. Here I found the place of Indre and Ganeche-Elephant. Traditionally, the temple collected at sunrise or at sunset. Additionally around the temple there is a special morning backlight.

Temple Dawn Attractions Bangkok Travel Guide

If you decide to visit the temple of the dawn, it is worth remembering the rules for visiting religious objects: not to dress defiantly in short dresses or shorts with T-shirt. Additional prohibition exist for weak floor – It is impossible to touch the monks with the intention, nor by chance.

You can get to the temple of the morning dawn from the royal palace, honeying the boatman. The temple is open from 7-30 to 17-30, the price of the entrance ticket to the territory of the temple complex – 50 baht.

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