Temple Confucius in Hanoi

The temple of Confucius in Hanoi is more famous as a temple of literature &# 8212; The ancient complex of buildings and a pagodas built in the 11th century in honor of the Chinese philosopher and thinker Confucius. Of such temples in Vietnam are somewhat, but the temple in Hanoch is the largest and most famous of them.

Temple of Confucius. Photo Credit: Pierre Doyen, Flickr

The history of the temple of Confucius

Temple (Văn Mieu &# 8212; QUốC TU GIAM) is not related to religion. It is a symbol of education, as it is one of the first National Universities in Vietnam.

Original Văn Mieu functioned as an elite university where only aristocrats and members of the royal family. But over time, he opened his doors and for ordinary people.

700 years in the Niva Enlightenment. The temple of Confucius, during their activities, released a huge number of students. The names of the most successful of them can be read on huge stone steles installed on the backs of the same huge turtles.

Students on photo shoot, Confucius temple. Photo Credit: Unci narynin, Flickr

Temple of Confucius. Photo Credit: LNGT, Flickr

Temple of Confucius (Temple of Literature) – Highlights

Today, here as many centuries ago, it is also beautiful and in its cozy &# 8212; Landscape Park, serene atmosphere and silence. And the deeper it goes to the territory of the complex, the thick of silence, burning the visitor to the invisible wall from the sounds of the turmoil Hanoi.

The Church of Confucius is considered one of the most important and beautiful historical sights of Hanoi. The complex consists of five spacious yards, two of which &# 8212; These are beautiful sites with landscaped gardens.

Temple of Confucius. Photo Credit: Chinhnc, Flickr

Temple Confucius in Hanoi. Photo Credit: Lenloi, Flickr

The third reservoir is located along which the turtles with huge memorable steles are installed on covered platforms. Daily, the temple visits a fairly large number of people and at some point even the tradition appeared to rub his heads, for good luck. Wishing &# 171; stroke a turtle&# 187; It turned out so much that the administration of the complex, in order to maintain head sculptures, was forced to establish a fence)

Temple Confucius in Hanoi

Temple of Confucius. Photo Credit: EN.Wikipedia, Flickr

Temple of Confucius. Photo Credit: LNGT, Flickr

Memorable steles. Photo Credit: Nguyen Duong, Flickr

In the fourth courtyard are the statues of Confucian scientists, as well as souvenir shops.

The fifth courtyard served as a place where the university was directly located. But, unfortunately, most of the courtyard collapsed during the French bombardment in 1947. The last restoration of the temple began at the beginning of the 20th century, but at the time of writing the article, the work was still conducted.

Temple Confucius, how to find

The complex is within walking distance of Ba Ding Square, near the Presidential Palace and the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam. Between the streets of Duc Thang and Van Mieu, about 2 km west of Lake Hoan Ki .

Opening hours: from 08:00 &# 8212; 17:00 from November to March and from 07:30 &# 8212; 18:00 for the rest of the year. On Monday, the temple does not accept visitors.

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