Temple complex Tarshire

Temple complex Tarshire – This megalithic complex which consists of several prehistoric temples built for three different periods of time between about 3600 g. to N.NS. and 700 g. to N.NS.

Temples were announced as the oldest free-standing structures on Earth. Archaeologists believe that these megalithic complexes are the result of the process of cultural evolution.

Temples Tarshigen are obliged to their name of the terrain in which they were found after the remnants of sorrow were excavated.

Detected in 1913 by local farmers, the territory of the temples was actively developed by archaeologists between 1915 and 1919.

The oldest of the four components of the complex is located on the eastern end of the site and built somewhere between 3600 and 3200 BC.NS. It is located at the ground level, although five of his apse is still clearly visible. South Church – one of the most richly decorated megalithic buildings. Here are the bas-reliefs and the lower part of the colossal statue with its sinking figures. Like the eastern temple, it was built between 3150 and 2500 g. to N. NS. The central temple was built in the form of six apse and has the remains of the arched roof.

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Three of the four temples were significantly reconstructed in the 1960s. Here are richly decorated stone blocks with reliefs of pets, spiral ornaments, there is a huge statue and a number of altars, to one of which attached a flint knife and animal bones.

The remains of cremation found in the center of the South Temple show that it was reused as a cemetery of the Bronze Age, between 2400 and 1500 BC.

Improvement of the territory was completed in 2012. It provides visitors the opportunity to see prehistoric remains from a convenient observation deck.

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