Temple complex Mishon

Temple complex Mishon – Interesting architectural and historical object. It is located in the central part of Vietnam, in the province of Cuangam. The sanctuary was built in the X-XIII centuries, when the Camp state existed on this place. The complex of temples dedicated to Shiva, Krishna and Vishnu was the largest on the coast. This allowed him to preserve to this day, surviving and medieval feudal wars, and American bombing of the Times of the Vietnamese War.

Of course, the buildings are not completely preserved. Today is the temple complex Mishon – These are eight groups of temples and towers. They are built out of bricks and stone blocks, decorated with columns and bas-reliefs with plots of Hindu myths, intricate borders along the roofs. The architectural style of temples and towers goes back to the traditions of Hindus architecture. The uniqueness of these buildings was the reason for the inclusion of the Sanctuary of Mishon on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Temple complex Mishon Attractions Hoyan Travel Guide

The center of the complex of temples is a pedestal on which column lingam is located. According to legend, she symbolized the spiritual beginning of the world. Interesting main tower complex – Rectangular two-tier structure, richly decorated outside and extremely ascetic inside.

Temple complex Mishon Attractions Hoyan Travel Guide

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