Temple Bayon (Bayon)

Temple Bayon (Bayon) – One of the main attractions of Cambodia, not such a world-famous as the famous Angkor Wat, but also deserves visits. Especially located near, in the Temple Complex Angkor Tha, on the territory of the historic reserve Angkor.

Bayon is a three-tier temple. A feature is a huge amount of diverse bas-reliefs, which reflect the existence of the kingdom of khmers. Construction lasted from 12 to 13th century. The purpose of the construction was to maintain the memory of the King Jayaarme VII, which rules in those times. Unfortunately, the temple was repeatedly rebuilt.

Tourists are very captured by the towers around the temple, on which four faces carved. They are all looking at different sides of the world. But the most unusual thing is that they are able to change the mood. This is due to different refraction of light rays. If you watch the faces all day, you can see good and evil «Grimasi», sometimes it seems that they laugh or sad, and sometimes even scare passersby.

Temple Bayon (Bayon)

The temple was built from 54 towers, 37 of which we can observe today. These towers are 216 faces. For construction, the highest quality and most durable materials were used – Stone and tree.

Getting to sights from the nearest city Siemreap. Riding will come by taxi, rented car or with tourist groups, as public transport in this area is absent.

Temple Bayon (Bayon)

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