Temple Asclepia in the epidavra

One of the central attractions of the epidaur – Sanctuary Asclepia. The architect of the facilities are considered to be aeodot. Today, only stones scattered in chaotic order can be seen from the old splendor. This is due to the earthquake, which happened and the 6th century. But, in the museum, there are some exhibits that remain from the past era.

The creation of an epidauro is associated with an ancient Greek legend, which states that the death girl was in Lyublika in the God of Apolon and gave birth to a child from him on these lands. The girl threw the child on the rock, but the baby survived thanks to the sheep who gave him milk, and a dog guarding herd, who warmed him in rainy weather. Thanks to the light emanating from the kid, he discovered her shepherd. It is believed that the child is found and there are asclepius. Later he was nicknamed by the god of healing, he treated people and returned from the world dead, for which the deadly lightning of Zeus was defeated soon.

Temple Asclepia in Epidavra Sights of the Epidauro Travel Guide

In the 5th century BC, Assclepia glorified throughout Greece. In honor of him and built the temple, where the inhabitants came to heal. The temple is made in Dorian style. Previously, the building was elevated on the base with three steps. The roof was decorated with a marble statue of the Victory goddess.

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