Temple and Cave of St. Paraskeva

Cave of St. Paraskeva Located 1.5 kilometers from Gouvez and above the cloth is located on the cliff. It was found in 1962, and the researchers immediately accepted for the study of this cave. It turned out that people used her to ritual purposes even in the Minoan Epoch.

Holy Paraskeva Cave has another name – Cave cattle (-o). This cave refers to little visited. Here are rarely traveled by tourist groups, more often you can meet single tourists. Accordingly, the cave is not equipped with artificial illumination, there are no handrails, steps and ramps for easy descent. There are incredibly high vaults, bats, pigeons, little stalactitis and many stones. Common Dimensions of the Cave of Saint Parasis – 36 m in width and 160 meters long. Interestingly, the cave is divided into several halls, unlike each other.

Temple and Cave of St. Paraskeva's Sights of Gouves Travel Guide

Before going to explore the cave of Holy Paraskeva, it is necessary to take care of the acquisition of a flashlight, rope and comfortable shoes.

Before entering the cave, there is a small chapel, and a little higher on the cliff you can find a small The building of the Church of St. Paraskeva (Varvara). The walls of the church are painted in white, inside you can see beautiful icons in the Byzantine style.

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