Tell "Si-from" In Puglia

South Italy Sovlen not only Naples, Vesuvivia and Sicilian mafia, but also their hearty, acute and diverse cuisine. In Puglia, the Italian province located on "Cabinet" The Apennine Peninsula, besides all sorts of other delicious packers, manufactures the best cheeses in the south. The other day in the southern, flat villages and the towns of Apulia began the festival of cheeses, which will last until mid-September.

In the town of Taranto and the port of Brindisi on the central squares, at the entrance to food shops and shops, shopping tents with homemade cheeses are exhibited. "Home" because in Apulia cheese produced at large plants in a streamline, do not recognize and consider fake.

In cheese shops, which are especially much in Taranto, at the monument to the navigator, the tourist will make warmth, will show the entire range of goods, let’s try "slice" (grams one hundred fifty), and especially visiting guests ride even in the shop car, to a warehouse where tomorrow, mature, hundreds of cheese circles. In the basement, it happens, the tourist will be "provolone" or "Facamers", which anywhere else, including Taranto, you will not find.

In the course of the cheese festival, you can look into any of the village or urban downtown, pre-put on white robe in the hallway. There, in the dark vaulted halls of the dawn, in Chanins, the baby milk, which, passing the long processing process, will end up with cheese "Mozzarella" or "Pekorino".

Cheeses in Apulia differ in milk from which they are made, and in terms of their exposure. In the cheese, consuming sheep, goat, cow and buffalo milk. The latter is considered the best source raw material – it is from him that the most expensive varieties of cheeses are prepared. And one of the most amazing local cheeses – cheese "Mantheka". Outside, this variety matures like any ordinary grade, and there remains real oil inside.

Tell me si-from in Puglia

In the seaside villages of Puglia in the embankment, on oak, roughly rugged tables, decay dozens of cheeses chopped by thick slices. Everyone who visits the village at this moment, can taste the curd cheese, a minute ago of the cut, solid "Ricotto", red inside from the dishes of burning pepper there, or "provolone", Melon-made. Fish dishes are offered to cheeses, of which the most amazing – "Angulle Aqua Marina". "Angulle" – This is a gouted sea eel, in the cheese, put in a pot and sealed with sea water. Pot with elder exhibit under the scorching sun for five hours. Then we get echo, watered with olive oil and vinegar and carry on the tail to the table, without the fire without processing.

To cheeses in the villages also serve "Focacha" – Similarity pizza, but thicker and with the addition of red pepper pods. And the choice of wines suitable for cheese treat is great. To solid cheeses with spices are advised to take a sweet lung "Aleahiko di Puglia", and to soft – famous "Castel Del Monto" – Pink or white.

Cheese fans will receive pleasure in Puglia like "Mozarella", both from communicating with hospitable residents (they are constantly forced to repeat the word "chisis", They simply cannot but be smiley), who, not knowing foreign languages ​​- except, of course, this word, – on the fingers can explain any subtleties of the technological procedure. The refugees of the Albanians who spring and at the beginning of this summer flooded the coastal township of Apulia, already partially selected back, and the remaining collected in the port of Bari. Free cheeses do not let them. So tourists will not be competitors.

Tell me si-from in Puglia

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