How to call Thailand from abroad

Now you already know how to call from Thailand to Russia, but the question remains: how to make the opposite. For example, you have here friends with whom urgently need to contact. There is no difficulty here, but the snag consists in specific writing phone numbers on a business card.

A strange spelling of the number sometimes misleads. For example, the phone number can be recorded in this way:

  • +66 (0) 89-123-4567
  • +66 (0) 76-123-456
Telephone connection in Thailand - how to call Thailand in Thailand

Thais do not seek light paths, so in one line stuffed everything that is possible.

  • +66 is the country code as +7 in Russia,
  • (0) – This is a telephone access from the country, like 8 in Russia,
  • 76 – Phuket Code,
  • The rest is the phone number.

Two different options are placed in one room: + 66-89-123-4567 or 089-123-4567.

Dial either +66 or 0. If you are calling from a our phone, then +66. Since Thai SIM cards are possible both ways. From the city phone you need to dial 076-123-456 or 081-234-56-78, remember that calls from the hotel to local phones paid. Call to other provinces of Thailand also just. 2 is the Bangkok code (there are seven city numbers), 38 – Pattaya code, 77 – Samui code.

And here is also a tricky slaughter with the end of the room. Recording +66 (0) 76-123-456-8 means that the last digit can be 6, 7 or 8. So write three numbers in one. Send SMS only through international code +66.

And then there is a problem when you need to add a number in Петсапрей or viber. From Thai add through 0, from the our – through +66.

Telephone connection in Thailand - how to call Thailand in Thailand

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