Telephone communication in Thailand

The main difficulty for those who are not familiar with the Thailand telephone system consists only of traditions adopted for writing phone numbers on business cards, billboards, booklets and other media. Since long-distance calls are not at all uncommon in everyday life, many indicate our phone with the city code. For example (038) 234567. Obviously, you don’t need to type code if you are in the same city.

To exit a long-distance communication is recruited "0", then the city code and the actual phone number. Beep after zero not need to wait. You will need the following cities codes:
38 – Pattaya and all province,
2 – Bangkok and suburbs,
1 – All Mobile Phones.
Thus, from the number (038) 234567 it can be seen that the phone is located in Pattaya. If you are calling inside Pattaya, you need to dial only 234567, and if from Bangkok or from a mobile phone – all nine digits. Being in the hotel, do not forget about the possible exit code from the internal PBX (usually "nine").

If you see type number (01) 3456789 – this is a mobile (cellular) phone. All mobile phones represent a separate zone with the code "1". In order to call from one mobile to another, "01" You do not need to type, but in order to call the usual urban number, you need to recruit "038" or "02", Even if you are respectively in Pattaya or Bangkok. All this refers to mobile phones registered in Thailand. GSM mobile phones brought from Russia will work, but all calls must be done with it, as if you are in Russia.

Numbers in Pattaya Six-digit, in Bangkok and Mobile Phones – Seven. If you see the phone type (038) 234567-9 or (02) 3456789. 92, which means you can recruit any number in the range from 234567 to 234569 or from 3456789 to 3456792. Phone GTS for references – 13,

Telephone communication in Thailand

Automatic International Code – 001. If you want to call Moscow, you dial "001", Then, not expecting the courts, the country code "7", city ​​code "095", And finally the room in the city. Some hotels turn off the possibility of direct access to international communication, and you will need to order negotiations from the hotel operator. Telephone international communication for references and ordering negotiations through the operator – 100. To order a negotiation, you need to know the city code in Russia, as well as English or Thai.

From Russia to Thailand

In order to call from Russia to Thailand, you need to dial "eight", then go to international connection "ten", Thailand code – "66", city ​​code "38" or "2" or "1" or the other, and finally the phone number.

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