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Let’s talk about a no less popular question for phuket – tourist SIM cards and methods of communication with the homeland. In Thailand, there are three options to call your friends and relatives abroad.

1. The most profitable, but also a more difficult way is calls through Skype. Enough to have a computer or laptop under hand connected to the worldwide network, and some money on your Skype account. Calls are extremely cheap, and with good quality of the Internet, more qualitatively. For example, for me, a call to the Moscow mobile phone over $ 0.071 per minute, to the stationary – 0.021 dollars per minute. How to replenish the score and make yourself such a little animal like Skype, you can find out on their official website.

2. Perhaps the most mobile way is to buy a tourist SIM card. Cellular operators in Thailand Three: True Move, DTAC (Happy) and AIS (1,2-Call). About the first can immediately forget due to poor coating. Yes, perhaps the SIM card itself is cheaper, but you don’t want to go to the balcony every time or look for a wave to call home? I’ll tell you about Dtac Happy and AIS 1,2-Call. Any of these SIM cards can be bought in mobile phone stores, in large shopping centers and in 24-hour minimines 7-Eleven and Family Mart by passport. At Phuket Airport, too, sell SIM cards in the shop on the first floor, but their cost is slightly overestimated. To buy such a tourist SIM card, only a passport is required. The price depends on promotions and the amount of money in the account and varies from 50 to 250 baht.

What SIM card is better to buy in Thailand?

I always recommend taking DTAC Happy: it does not need to be activated, which is useful for people who do not know English, its value is slightly cheaper AIS 1,2-Call at the same cost of a call abroad, but, as practice has shown, communication coverage area on Phuket and Samui is much wider. DTAC HAPPY activation occurs automatically when you set any number, and you are sent to an SMS confirmation on the network. Together with the SIM card itself I advise you to immediately buy a 300-bah balance replenishment card (it can be called the seller as man-cards), because the account will be 50 baht. You can replenish the SIM card balance of the DTAC Happy SIM card: erase the protective code on the card, enter into the phone * 100 * CardSerialNo.Cardidno.#, pushing the call button. After that, you comes SMS on the account status and the validity of your SIM card.

How cheaper to call and how many calls are?

Call costs and SMS to Russia and CIS countries directly – 28 BAT / MINUT, you need to type + (country code) (city code or mobile operator) (phone number). For example, the number of the our mobile phone looks like this: +7 917 000 0000.

You can call Russia through IP-telephony code, with other CIS countries, unfortunately, there is no such service. Call cost through code 009 is 5 baht / minute (with per second charges), 008 – 7 baht / minute (compensated tariffing with rounding to the nearest minute to the most side), 007 – 9 bah / minute (at bills every 30 seconds). The phone number in this case will look like this: 009 7 917 000 0000.

Telephone communication in Thailand - How to call from Thailand Guide to Thailand

Prices for additional SIM card packages, including the Internet 3G and 4G, are indicated here.

IP telephony does not affect the cost of SMS and varies from 7 to 9 baht, depending on the region.
Check your balance and the activity of the DTAC HAPPY SIM card activity: type * 101 * 9 # and press the call button. You can find out your phone number by typing * 102 * 9 # and call button.

The cost of calls to local phones with the DTAC HAPPY SIM card depends on the current promotions and averages 1-3 baht per minute. Inside Thailand there is no roaming and the cost of calls does not depend on the region.

3. Third way to contact your homeland suitable for lovers to relax without mobile phones and possible calls from work. In any round-the-clock shop 7-Eleven or Family Mart you can buy a card for calls abroad. It is called Oversea Call Card, and suitable for bright yellow telephones. Call cost is commensurate with calls from SIM cards, and there are instructions on how to dial the number.

Telephone communication in Thailand - How to call from Thailand Guide to Thailand

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