Telephone codes of the UAE

What are the figures on the phone to call the UAE, from the UAE abroad, within the country? How to at least approximately determine where they called? Read the answers in our article.

Information in this article is relevant for February 2021. Latest news: New Etisalat and Du operators have new codes and numbers pools. Details below.

Telephone code of the Arab Emirates


Telephone codes of cities and emirates

Important note! If the phone number is dialing from abroad, then you need to type the city code (or operator) abbreviated, that is, without the front "0". If the call inside the UAE, then you need to dial completely, that is, including the first "0".

For example, phone help desk TC Mall of Emirates.

If you call from abroad: +971 4 4099000

If you call the rooms in the UAE: +971 04 4099000

Cities codes in the table below:

City (Emirate) Code for calls from abroad For calls inside the country
Al-Karama district (code is no longer used) 1 01
Abu Dhabi 2 02
Al-Ain City 3 03
Emirate Dubai 4 04
Sharjah Emirates, Ajman and Umm-El Kuwaine 6 06
Emirate Ras Al-Heima 7 07
Emirate Fujaira nine 09

Mobile operators codes in the table below:

Operator Code for calls from abroad For calls inside the country
Etisalat 50, 54, 56 050, 054, 056
Du 52, 55, 58 052, 055, 058

Special numbers:

Purpose Code for calls from abroad For calls inside the country
Toll Free (free for the caller) 800 800
Shared Cost Services 200 200
Shared Cost Services 600 600

Now most readers have a question: "What is Shared Cost Services?"

Respond. These are the numbers, when calling a part of the connection fee carries the number of the number. That is, for the caller, the conversation will cost cheaper.

Such rooms are used for commercial purposes. For example, the TV channel arranges a telephone survey live. To more people call and participate, Shared Cost Services are used with a call price of 2 or 3 times cheaper than the usual.

Very love these numbers delivery service, products or food. Call with order Customer is cheaper or for free. On the photo near Cinnabon advertising in Abu Dhabi, they offer their branded buns with delivery and a discount of 20%. As you can see in advertising, the phone with the prefix 600 is indicated.

Or if the company sells paid advice on the phone, then again is used Shared Cost Services, but already with a high price minute, often exceeding the price of ordinary conversation.

Naturally, we also have such polls and paid services by phone exist. But we have no special numbers pools for this. And in the UAE, such a system exists.

How to dial the number in the Arab Emirates from Russia

From mobile: +971 (UAE) – city code or operator – subscriber number.

For example: +971 4 4099000

From stationary: 8 (access to intercity) – 10 (exit to international) – 971 (UAE) – city code or operator – subscriber number.

For example: 8 10 971 4 4099000

All subscriber numbers in the UAE since 2000 consist of 7 digits. Exceptions are found only in 200, 600 and 800. It was quite a logical decision, much more convenient than "multiply" phone codes.

Now in the United Arab Emirates about 2,000,000 stationary and about 13,800,000 mobile phones.

How to recruit in Russia from the UAE

00 – +7 (Russia) – city code or operator – subscriber number.

For example: 00 7 495 9528833

How to call within one Emirate and another

Telephone codes of the UAE

If you need to call within the same code. For example, from Dubai (04) in Dubai (04), simply dial the subscriber number.

If you need to call another code, then 0 – city code or operator – subscriber number.

For example: 0 04 4099000

Note that the code needs to be dialed completely, that is, with the first "0". Although it often happens that without the first "0" works.

How to call extra

From any phone in the UAE (mobile or stationary), you can call for free and without any additional digits:

– Police – 999 (Emergency Situation) or 901 (not emergency);

– Ambulance – 998;

– Fire service – 997;

– Coast Guard – 996;

– Emergency utilities – 991;

How to call with Skype and other messengers

All calls through messengers in the UAE outside the law. Etisalat and DU operators block VoIP packets, and the messengers most often do not work on calls, only chat. If it turns out that the messenger works for calls, the set to Russia is done through "+7".

Call to United Arab Emirates from another country with the help of a messenger is not prohibited. Score +971.

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