Telecom of Thailand

The call can make a phone booths located throughout the streets and in the halls of most institutions and shops. Red phones are intended only for local lines, green – for long-distance (tariff depends on the country into which the call is carried out). Tariffs for telephone calls are quite high, telephone card (about 250 baht) enough for 3-4 minutes of conversation with Russia. The same conversation from the hotel room will be twice as expensive.

In front of the phone number in Thailand, the long-distance city code is indicated. Also used many multi-channel phones of the form (02) 03456789. 92, which allows you to use any free number at the moment ranging from 03456789 to 03456792.

Telecom of Thailand

As not all hotels have direct access to "Intergorod", Communication is most often done through the hotel commutator operator. For direct exit to "Intergorod" Visits first "0", Then the city code and the phone number (no need to wait). Automatic International Code – 001.

In order to call from Russia to Thailand, you need to score 8 – 10 – 66 (Thailand code) – the city code – the number of the subscriber. Some codes: Ayutthaya – 035, Bangkok and Suburbs – 02, Kanchanaburi – 034, Knonkin – 043, Krabi – 075, Korat – 044, Nakhonphan – 024, Nakhonratchaxima – 044, Nongkhai – 042, Pattaya and All Province – 038, Pattaya and All Province – 038, Phuket – 076, o. Samui – 077, Songkhala – 074, Sukhothai – 055, Suphanburi – 035, Udonthani – 042, Huahin – 032, Chiang Mai – 053.

Telecom of Thailand

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