Telč (Telč)

Telch (Telc) – A small vintage city in the south of Czech Republic, located 160 km from Prague. The historic center of the city is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Population – 5,732 people (2010).

Based on presumably in 1099, when Local Señor Marcgraf Otto built a Romanesque chapel here, dedicating her Virgin Mary. First mentioned in 1333, when Marcgraf Karel (later the Czech King and German Emperor Karl IV) acquired a Telch castle. In 1339, the Castle of the King acquires Oldrzhich Vitkovitz from the Gradz. The city has grown around the castle, and the castle walls spread a large shopping area, surrounded by merchant houses.

The unique form of Talk was due to the fact that on the one hand, the growth of quarters were limited and the fortress wall, on the other – ponds.

In the XVI century, the castle and the city are owned by Senyors from the Gradz. In honor of Zahariash from the town of the city of the main square of the city. He played a big role in the history of the city, making Telch as we see it today.

In 1604, the genus of Xinora Gradtsa flows through the male line, and the city becomes the property of the Slavaz family. The next stage of the development of the city is entirely owned by the Jesuit Order – the Jesuit college and several schools were built in the city, Astronomical Observatory, Music School. Jesuits belong to one of the most beautiful urban churches.

In the XVII century, Telch goes into possession of the genus Liechtenstein and remains a quiet provincial town to the present.

City Square (Zahariyeva Square)
– is the most popular tourist destination Talka, formed by historic Renaissance and Baroque houses. City houses with arched front facades have retained their appearance from the Middle Ages and surround the colorful square. All buildings have the same size and proportion, but the amazing surface and scenery make each building unique.

Area area form Two fountains and Mariana pillar (1716-1720.). On the pedestal columns depicted saints, on top there is a Virgin Mary.

Real Treasure of the Moravian Renaissance Architecture – Castle Telch, Located at the Far Skin.

Castle Telch
– One of the most beautiful vintage castles of the Czech Republic. Initially, the castle was erected in an early Gothic style, but in the 16th century he went to possession of a rich Zachariash from a town, who conducted a large-scale restoration of the premises. As a result, the castle acquired its current appearance in the Renaissance style and in its exterior and interior is viewed Italian influence.

Telč (Telč)

In the castle, original vintage interiors and numerous preserved objects of art. Very interesting and organized with the castle, a small museum, where numerous household items are exhibited, weapons, paintings and unique documents telling about the history of the city and the castle.

Separately, it is worth mentioning and a delightful park in typical English style, broken around the castle. It is contained in perfect condition and benefits the luxurious beauty of the castle itself. The castle is open for tourists, however, a visit is possible only by groups along with the guide.

Not far from the castle is Church of St. James, On the walls of which the painting of the XV century is preserved, and two rare bells on the beauty of the bell over the 60-meter bell tower. In the church in a large tomb, the ashes of Zaharyash from the Gradz are kept, and the townspeople who died in the lobby were buried during the First World War.

Nearby is Baroque Jesuit Church named after Christ, Built in 1669 in the image and likeness of the famous Roman Ile Jesu, who became the standard for Jesuit churches worldwide. Around it – Jesuit Monastery and Jesuit College.

And if you walk from the square in the southern direction, you can see a grand building – Church of the Holy Spirit XIII century (it was rebuilt from Gothic style in Romanesque).

Telč (Telč)

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