SuperBabushka from Krasnoyarsk travels around the world

She actively rides around the world, meets people of different nationalities and whether all the stereotypes of travel agents. Muscovite told this amazing story, posting post on his page «Facebook». He met the Krasnoyar in Vietnam.

After a few years, more than five hundred subscribers of the social network.

Traveling around the world, Elena Mikhailovna made hundreds of photos. A few years earlier, she received a camera as a gift, so every prominent moment of the trip can capture.

Now Krasnoyarka 89 years. Ride the world she started 6 years ago. The beloved overseas country called the Czech Republic, which was visited 5 times. Baba Lena managed to visit Germany, Poland, Turkey, Poland and Vietnam. Traveling a woman persuaded girlfriend.

Foreign travel so like Elena Mikhailovna, that she could not stop and go to tours 2 times a year, the money for which he takes from pension savings.

Woman saw little in youth. In three years she lost her parents. In the war years was in the rear, and then failed married. Left her husband in Krasnoyarsk, where he lives to today.

Baba Lena, as a woman names herself, actively meets new people. Woman believes that fate gives her only good dating. Once he made friends with a German in the Czech Republic and after a year she went to his friend to visit.

Recently, Baba Lena returned from Vietnam, where she conquered tourists and locals: went to the bike, attended excursions and taste the local cuisine.

SuperBabushka from Krasnoyarsk travels around the world

The woman is satisfied with rest, however, noted some language difficulties.

During the trip, Baba Lena met Muscovite Catherine, who helped her to get comfortable in the country: swim in the sea and explained with local waiters.

In the summer, Baba Lena is going to Israel. Travel agents pick up a suitable tour. Traveler age is not limited, but for traveling is needed an additional insurance fee for the elderly.

«Having worked seven years in tourism, I have never seen such a vigorous person of this age! Her enthusiasm is enough to conquer even the most distant country», – Says Tourism Manager Evgeny Yevtikhov.

In April, Baba Lena will be 90 years old, but Krasnoyarka declares that only now began to really enjoy life.

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