Sunset in Bay Bang Bao

Bang Bao Bay Bay Bay (Bang Bao Bay) is a beautiful bay, which, if you look at the map of Khanga, how, ends the chain of the beaches of the western part of the island.

Pier in Bang Bao Bay. Photo Credit: Szomkat, Flickr

Here historically located the fishing village. Now Bang Bao Bay Bang (Bang Bao Bay) is a noisy and lively pier, from which, in addition to ordinary fishing ships, tens of tourist yachts and ships go to sea.

Bang Bao, Koh Chang. Photo Credit: Philipp Belov, Flickr

Bang Bao, Fishing Village, Ko Chang. Photo Credit: Frngmk, Flickr

In Bay Bang Bao Picturesque Marina and an incredibly beautiful sunset &# 8212; One of the main advantages of the bay. You can watch it for dinner in one of the restaurants, or simply setting around with a bottle of beer somewhere on the pier or in a secluded place of the bay.

Sunset in Bay Bang Bao

Sunset in Bay Bang Beo. Photo Credit: Paul Messer, Flickr

Sunrise over the bay. Photo Credit: Gregwani, Flickr

Bang Bao &# 8212; An ideal place for sunset / sunset in Bang Bang Bao. Photo Credit: Koh Chang-Guide, Flickr

Being on Changhe, be sure to devote at least one evening to dedicate Bang Bao Bay. Here are the best fish restaurants on Khanga, which serves freshly angled fish and seafood dishes. Prices in restaurants do not differ from prices on the island, some restaurants even offer lower cost to attract tourists.

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