Sunny Vietnam in the rainy season

Hospitality of local residents who meet with a smile, snow-white beaches, cyanoe sea, green mountain ranges and plains, exotic fruits, abundance of marine food and tropical climate, allowing you to visit the country at any time of the year, make Vietnam extremely attractive for travelers from around the world.

Vietnam is perfectly suitable for both fans of heat and a softer climate, for fascinating water sports and diving, for connoisseurs of monuments of history and culture, active and relaxing family holidays.

Those and are unique in Vietnam, that everyone here will find a lesson for the soul.

Our journey began with the South Island of Fukuok – an actively developing tourist zone. You can get to the island from Moscow with a transfer to Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh City.

Airplane Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines makes flights from Domodedovo twice a week in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minhine, and back. From Hanoi on Fukuchok and the reverse direction Vietnam Airlines in the summer season makes 2 flights daily, fly 2 hours, from Ho Chi Minh – 5 daily flights, flight time 55 minutes.

Economy Salon in Airplanes "Vietnamese Airlines"

We flew from Moscow in Hanoi on a comfortable Airbus A330. Time in flight about 9 o’clock, flying night, which is very convenient – the next day can already be fully held in Vietnam.

You can pass the time after you looked at a few films, accumulating soft blanket.

One of the options for lunch offered on board Moscow-Hanoi flight

Attentive staff Vietnam Airlines offers to choose from several lunch and drink options. Very tasty and satisfying.

Fukuok International Airport, Song Dong City

Here we are in place, in total, the road from Moscow took 18 hours. The weather is beautiful as well as a mountain view when leaving the airport building.

Fukuchok – Highland covered with jungle

In July, in the southern resorts of Vietnam, the rainy season, which begins in May and ends in October. At this time, less tourists and fans of water sports, prices are lower and more selection of accommodation options in hotels.

When mentioning the rainy season, it seems that the shower is firmly poured, but in the south of Vietnam everything is different. Air temperature for a couple of degrees is higher than in the dry season. The rain, as a rule, is short, twenty minutes, and not at all "like a shower", But he has time to give a cool. Then clouds run up and the sun again pleases the rays before sunset.

Summer Vietnamese weather allows you to fully enjoy both beach holidays and cultural walks.

Vinpearl Resort. The hotel is located on the shores of the Siamese Bay

We lived in Vinpearl Resort. The hotel is perfect for family and relaxing holidays. Spa guests, Golf courses, Safari with many animal species from richer birds to elephants and tigers, Vinpearl Land Entertainment Park, where you can enjoy a wonderful fountain show, the aquarium, to ride chain carousels and slides in the water park. Rooms Cozy and spacious, the restaurant works on a three-time buffet system that is rare for Vietnam.

Safari and amusement park deserve special attention, since there is practically no familiar animation in hotels, and the evening Fukuok from entertainment can offer, except that, visiting the night market, Vinpearl came up with how to take his guests.

Vinpearl Safari. Wolter White Tigrov
Zebra at dinner

All animals are contained in good conditions, full, satisfied and. Love

View in Vinpearl Safari. Some animals can be stroked and feed

Fountains "Speakers" both under the composition of Vietnamese performers and foreign.

Vinpearl Land. Show Fontanov
"Kalinka Malinka" performed fountains

our folk songs are especially colorful.

Ferris Wheel, Vinpearl Land

From the ferris wheel overlooking the entire park

Chain carousel. With the wind!

In the park a lot of entertainment and attractions, slot machines, shops and cafes will soon be the discovery of dolphinarium.

Fukuok is famous for clean sandy beaches, warm waters of the Siamese bay, delicious and varied sea dishes, juicy fruits, parks and waterfalls, numerous pearl growing farms, factory in the production of fish sauce adorable by Vietnamese.

Bai Sao Beach (Bai Sao)

Bay Sao Beach is public. A still quiet and light accepted place is gaining popularity among tourists who are brought by buses local excursion companies

On the beach you can enjoy the rays of the sun, seafood and fishing

Not far from the beach is "Coconut prison". The museum clearly tells about the cruelty, which was going on at the time of the Vietnam War, about torture, used for military rebels.

From prison, it is not easy to get out – the territory is fenced with a triple fence from wire keys.

One of the most cruel torture is "Tiger cage". The prisoners were left under the hot sun, without the ability to hide in the shadow, practically leaving without movement.

Barack for prisoners

Many Vietkrugs killed here. There are no places on the whole island sad.

In July on Fukuchok wet season. But despite this, rain rarely and briefly. The day of the air heat treatment is about 30 ° C and high humidity, inspect the sights under the sun is quite hot, so plan to visit Khu du Lich Soui TRAN Park, which will give a sip of freshness and coolness.

Khu du Lich Soui Tranh Park

Khu Du Lich Soui Tranh Park is one of Fukuoka’s famous sights.

A beautiful and quiet place demonstrates the splendor of nature: palm trees, flowers, jungle, through which a stone path leads to a waterfall (take care of a comfortable shoe for lifting a mountain of stones to avoid injury).

Waterfall Suo Tran

After the walk through the jungle, it is very nice to plunge into cool waterfall waterfall.

Khu du Lich Soui Tranh Park

On the territory of the park there are several cafes and shops where you can dine, relax and purchase souvenirs.

Picnic in Vietnamese. Khu du Lich Soui Tranh Park

The park is popular not only among tourists, the locals also love to come here on a picnic, conveniently sitting on the huge boulders under the rays of the Sun.

On the island they are breeding a rather rare dog breed – Fukuok. Dogs of this breed are remarkable in that it is found only here. Distinctive Dog Damage – Spinal Comb – Wool grows in the opposite direction, also they have high intelligence, developed muscles and hunting skills.

Dogs of Fukuok breed
Walkways with dog jogging obstacles

Dogs are very hardy, quickly run, jump high and swim well. In the nursery to demonstrate the best qualities of Fukuchoks arrange running with obstacles. Entertaining spectacle.

Fukuoka’s kids, cute and calm, happy to sit on their hands and give themselves to stroke

For people of Fukuok – loyal friend and reliable comrade.

Black pepper plantation

Unlike mainland Vietnam, where they are actively growing, black and white pepper plantations are found everywhere, where you can buy several species – a great gift.

Vietnam is famous for the whole world of fish sauce – Moms, who are cooked in open barrels from the layers of fish and salt, leaving the fish "melt" in the heat, waiting for about a year. Sauce has amber and sharp not the most pleasant smell to which you need to get used to. Especially appreciated sauce made on Fukuok.

Factory for the manufacture of fish sauce of mums

The resulting fishing juice is bottled. The sauce of good quality dark amber color, quite transparent, without precipitation. If you want to bring the sauce home, it is better to buy it in a glass container and pour into a plastic so that the sauce has not seized at customs and the bottle did not break into the suitcase – the escape of the souce of pleasure will not delve anyone.

In the factory you can taste the sauce and buy you like

Our journey continues, and we are heading for the mainland, in Muin, Phantheet, in the past, fishing village, now a popular resort. Flight hour and we in Ho Chi Minh City, then on the bus about 4 hours.

Morning. Ho Chimina
Life is a big city, everyone is in a hurry. Hosimine streets

Motor two-wheeled horse – the main means of movement.

Hosimine streets. Family trip

Vietnamese manage the whole family to fit on one motorbike

On the way in Muin, there are villages where you can make a stop, stretch your legs, drink coffee and buy fruit at a low price. If you want to bring home a few keel exotic fruits, it is better to buy them here, it will be cheaper than in Ho Chi Minh City. Approximate price per kilogram: Pophaiya (Dragonfront) from 5000 Vietnamese Dongs, Rambutan – from 10,000 VND, Mangoustin – from 30,000 VND, mango – from 40 000 VND.

Fruit shop on the road from Ho Chi Minhina
Shop and cafe on the way in Muin
Gas station. Vietnamese love to be photographed, and not against getting into the lens of your camera

You can still make a stop and visit the Mount Ta Cu (TA CU): admire the Linh Son Truong Tho, erected in honor of the hermit, who left his rich family and went to help people, giving them salvation from diseases.

Road to Pagoda Linh Son Truong Tho
Linh Son Truong Tho. Captures spirit

Pagoda is located at an altitude of about 400 meters, you can get through the cable car, in the way, enjoy the beautiful views.

Cable road to Mount Ta

Statue of Sleeping Buddha, 49 meters long.

Statue of Sleeping Buddha, Pagoda Linh Son Truong Tho

Believers bring offering – fruits who willingly treat monkeys living nearby in the forest.

And here we are in place. Hotel Anantara. Guests are attentive and friendly staff. The hotel has both rooms in the main building and villas with private pool. Anantara – hotel for a relaxing holiday, clean sea and sandy beach – Full Relax.

Sunny Vietnam in the rainy season

Hotel Anantara, Muin
Hotel Anantara Hotel. South China Coast
Hotel beach. Coral sand, a little creaks under his feet like … Snow

The sea in July is calm, only small waves slowly disturbing the water surface. In the dry season (from November to April) high waves and wind provide excellent opportunities for windsurfing and kaitsurfing.

The history of Vietnam is rich in events. The territory of the country inhabited various nations with their special culture and religion. Cargoing on the roads of Vietnam you can see hundreds of pagodas, Catholic churches, also meet mosques, Caida and Sivizma temples. Next to Muin, you can see a monument to the culture of Chamov – the people who have once founded the state in the territory of the modern South and Central Vietnam.

Cham tower fierce

The temple was built approximately in the XVIII century in honor of the worship of the god Shiva. It has survived three towers of the temple ensemble.

Shiva is the daily prayer

The Mui Ne there is one more amazing place – Red Dunes, the so-called Vietnam Sahara. Here they meet the dawn and sledding.

Dawn, Red Dunes, Mui Ne

Arrive on the red dunes of the best in the beginning of the sixth in the morning to see the birth of the sun with my own eyes

The sand has an unusual red hue

Sahara Dunes Vietnam

The children are happy. Where else can toboggan on the mountains of sand?

Enough to enjoy a beach holiday and the sea, you can go to Da Lat – a mountain resort town, where you can find salvation from the heat thanks to a softer, but sunny climate. From Mui Ne to Dalat can be reached by a serpentine road in mountains. On the bus we drove about 4 hours.

Road to Dalat. Among hot coffee plantations and

Dalat – a wonderful city. "Little Paris", absorbed French culture during the colonial period. Quiet, clean town, surrounded by lakes, pine forests and waterfalls. In Dalat many interesting and unusual places.

Dalat center with a tower resembling the Eiffel

The current Roman Catholic cathedral located in the heart of the city. In general, in Vietnam, in particular, in Dalat, many inhabitants profess the Catholic religion.

A few kilometers from the center of Da Lat is located Villa Hang Nga – Crazy House – the hotel has become a must-visit for all who are going to visit Dalat. Crazy House – is not just a museum, securing a reputation for its unusual architecture, but also the existing hotel.

The creator of this unusual hotel – Madame Hang Nga, the daughter of the Vietnamese statesman, studied architectural mastery in Moscow.

"madhouse" reminiscent of a fairy-tale forest. Hut, roots, vines, mushrooms, narrow passages, like a path. The real miracle!

new housing "madhouse"

New hotel building. Start of construction was initiated in 1990, continues today.

At 15 minutes from the hotel is the train station, built by the French. Stood the station as a large station on the southern railway, but, alas, it was not destined to happen.

Vietnamese turned a small section of the railway to entertainment – a trip to the old train to the next station Ga Trai Mat, where there is a wondrous Pagoda Lin Fuok.

Pagoda Lin Fuok

The atmosphere of magnificence and mythical antiquity. It seems that the pagoda was built hundreds of years ago. But no – construction began in the middle of the XX century.

Buddha and Dragon Statue, Fauce Lin Pagoda

Walls, floors, ceilings, dragons statues are made of glass and ceramics.

Wall Mosaic, Fauce Lin Pagoda
Pagoda Lin Foil, Tower with Bell, Acting

Filigree work masters causes admiration. You can admire the towers, statues, arches, columns with hours, looking at every piece of mosaic.

Dalat is rich in attractions, especially spiritual places. Monastery Thyenvien (Thien Vien Truc Lam) this is another proof.

Monastery Theienevien
Monks are rolling from the temple

Despite the large number of tourists and parishioners, the monastery has towards confusion, serenity.

House of Monks, Monastery Theienvien

Well-groomed green gardens, houses of monks, paved walkways, the sounds of the drums are carrying thoughts from everyday affairs. Time is imperceptibly flowing, and only the setting sun reminds us that it is time to return.

Vietnam – Unusual place. The grace of Vietnamese, their hospitality, the beauty of nature, in combination with sunny days, give the brightest, pleasant emotions. I would like to come back again and again, see the uncharted corners, to penetrate the spirit of this country.

Thanks Vietnam Airlines, and in particular, to the representative of the company Karmatsky Viktor for organizing a trip and a fascinating journey.

Flight program from Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) until October 30, 2016 (Summer timetable):

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