Sunny Vietnam: Bright pearl indochy

How much is a ticket, where to buy a motorcycle and delicious food in this country – I am ready to share the accumulated experience and open a couple of Vietnamese secrets.

Climate and weather in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, where the sub-equatorial monsoon climate reigns. Due to the high length of the country from north to south, climatic conditions at local resorts differ significantly: from May to October Tour operators on Vietnam advised to relax on the central coast of the country, and from December to April-May – in the south.

  • Tour in Nha Trang

We have chosen a tour to Nha Trang – the Imperial Resort of the Times of French Indochina. Precipitation, compared to other regions, is less observed here even in traditionally "rainy" for Vietnam and December, and the average annual temperature is + 23 + 28.

  • tour cost

The cost of a 10-day tour with accommodation in a four-star hotel on the shores of the South China sea amounted to about 70 thousand. RU with man. A significant part of the amount as I understand it left the flights: the price of a 14-hour air truter from Moscow to Camran (the nearest airport to Nyachangu ranges from 20 thousand. RU and above. But believe me, Vietnam is worth it!

Vietnam resorts

I will immediately note that Vietnam resorts are simply created for lovers of "lazy" beach holidays. Local hotels are picturesque golden sand bays, tropical gardens and cozy, clean rooms for vacationers.

True, for the use of the tennis court, laundry and even for the exchange of currencies will have to pay extra: our "4 stars" included only guaranteed breakfast, lunch and dinner. the country’s currency – the Vietnamese dong, but the locals will not give up on cash and US dollars.

  • Medicine in Vietnam
  • Sunny Vietnam Bright Pearl Indochina

You will be surprised, but besides Vietnamese, you can hear French, Chinese, English and even our speech – the authorities of Vietnam do not regret funds for the education of domestic specialists and send them to universities around the world, including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. By the way, medicine here at a very high level: if something happens, do not be afraid to contact the state clinic – the consultation of the doctor and the basic surveys will cost a foreigner in just $ 10.

National Kitchen Vietnam

Food in Vietnam inexpensive: For $ 3 In the roadside cafe you will be supplied with traditional broth with pink rice noodles and a solid portion of rice with pork or veal. The main dish of South Asia is rice and its various varieties in combination with meat and meat broths. By the way, if you are not a supporter of gastronomic experiments, be extremely vigilant when choosing a menu, because the Vietnamese use cat, dog and rats!

Where is it better to relax in Vietnam

We planned our route by the cities of Vietnam, deciding to start from his capital. Hanoi is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia: pure, delicate, with amazing architecture, parks, temples and a measured life in small shopping blocks. Most tourists depart from North Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City – Extreme South Point of Country, bypass Hoyan, Dalat and Nha Trang.

  • Different cities-different impressions

If you want to see the historical South Asia – go to the cities of Hoyan and Hue. The colorful culture of the mountain tribes and the Spirit of Vietnam is best tangible in the highland saute, and the traditions of the Vietnamese province – in the Mekong River Delta. Dalat will surprise you with romance of old Europe and French indochy, and the most beautiful landscapes in memory will remain after visiting Halong Bay.

Sights of Vietnam: how to get to them

The beaches of the central coast, like the cities themselves, are very different from each other: in each new place you will feel a completely different atmosphere and mood. In Vietnam, you can easily buy or rent a motorcycle: high-speed Honda and even "Ghost of Socialism", Domestic Minsk.

  • Transport – what is better

Vietnamese will ask for an iron horse in the area of ​​$ 300, but it can always be sold just a tourist in any of the coast towns.

If the budget of the trips is limited, you arrived in Vietnam on a ticket with a discount, but you wish to see the whole country – I recommend using the usual bus. Tour operators on Vietnam offer "open" tickets: Paying "round-the-world" journey with one bill of $ 50, you can move freely around the country, stopping to inspect the sights and going further.

Vietnam – hospitable, sunny country that will heat in your heart and returns the noise of the marine surf in happy dreams. Go on a trip to South Asia – it will certainly return to your soul peace and peace.

Sunny Vietnam Bright Pearl Indochina

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