Sunny vacation on the best islands of Greece

The first question that occurs when planning a Greek vacation – when it is better to go on a journey? The best time for this, according to most experienced tourists – the period from April to November.

True, in the summer months it is very hot here (about 40 °), so you will like this "hot" trip not to all. If you do not refer to lovers of such weather, it is better to plan a trip to another season. Moreover, the most democratic prices in Greece tour operators are offered from March to May and in October. Flight tickets and accommodation for this time can be found from 10,000 rubles. True, you will have to try!

Best Islands for Rest in Greece

If with the time of the trip you decided to easily, then a lot of hot disputes with loved ones will be on the topic, where to go to Greece. Athens with excursions? Meteoras? Ruins Delphi? All of this you still have time to see. In the meantime, tell you about how to arrange an unforgettable vacation on the islands.


The best choice for teachrs and amateurs of cheerful pastime. It is suitable for those who are from Holidays on the Aegean Sea in Greece It is not waiting for hiking on excursions and museums, and parties, night discos and festivities until the morning. The evening comes in 17.00 – It is at this time who begins to ram.

Mykonos beaches are good as on the selection: crystal clear blue water is combined with white sand and a multitude of greenery. You can make sure that you can, looking at Photo of this Islands of Greece. However, the cost of rest is appropriate.

The best, in the opinion of the majority of tourists, holidaymakers, are hotels:

    – a small family hotel in the center of Mykonos; "Looks out" to the island from the height of the hill, there is a private currency exchange point; With your own restaurant, you can call the personal "paradise" for gourmet and aesthetes.


Here fearlessly go families with children – the sea at the shore is shallow, and the entrance to the water is gentle and safe. The island at the same time pleases the eyes of greens. It is the best beach of the country – Cydar. And near him – Water Park Sidari Water Park. Entrance to this kingdom of water attractions costs about 500 rubles.

If you are going on Corfu family, the head of which is the brave captain in the soul, be sure to go riding boats. Boats with a motor up to 30 "horses" can be rented without special rights. Personal man can help such a real man. You will need to pay and rent, and fuel, but such a family journey will be remembered forever.

Cultural Heritage Corfu recognized as UNESCO. It combines the architecture of different time buildings. Tired of beach holidays, you can admire the Venetian fortress buildings of the XVI century, medieval narrow streets, the Palace of St. George.


This island, which is 500 days a year flooded with sunlight. Tan from Rhodes will bring unmatched! Many local beaches are marked with a blue flag. This means that they are perfect for recreation. The most famous of them are:

  • Cyotari,
  • Sunny vacation on the best islands of Greece
  • Afanda,
  • Lardos,
  • Agathi,
  • Ladyko.

List all for a very long time, because in total on Rhodes 33 Beach is marked with a blue flag icon. This means that the water is clean here and test once a week, the garbage is going daily, the sand is cleared, there is a rescue service and the possibility of providing first aid right on the beach.

For a relaxing holiday, choose the best south island often, because on the northern life literally boils even at night: there are constantly noisy parties and discos. Tired of active fun on Rhodes, you can go to the boat to the island of Halk. The road will take less than an hour.


If you want to go not for noisy rest, but for peace and relaxation, choose this island. Less than 500 people lived here.

Nevertheless, the infrastructure is "sharpened" by tourists, and landscapes are pleased with rocks and multicolored, as if toy, houses. They stand on the first coastline. If you suddenly manage to rent such a house, then it is possible to be on the beach, barely opening the door. At least local boys dive into the sea straight from the windows of the apartments.


Another representative of the best islands of Greece. Legends bind him with sunken Atlantis. Today it is impossible to assert with accuracy, whether all this really was, but the view of Santorini opens unmatched. Look at Photo of this Islands of Greece ourselves.

On Santorini there are unique "red", "gray" and "black" beaches, named so in the color of the sand and the rocks surrounding their. Looks at contrast with the azure sea it is quite futuristic.

Here are the many hotels in which lovers and newlyweds will be able to spend a vacation carefree. However, you need to pay for pleasure, keep the card at the ready. Prices are difficult here to call democratic. Choose the best options:

    Located in 2.5 km from Santorini International Airport (shuttle provided) and has a wonderful capacity; – a new hotel with impeccable views and terraces in the rooms, from which you can admire the splendor; It can offer not only luxury apartments, but also villas with private mini-pools and hot tubs.

Vacations on the Aegean Sea in Greece – the best you can imagine for someone who wants to get away from everything and leave right away. The charge of the sun, vitamins and sea air will give strength and cheer long.

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Sunny vacation on the best islands of Greece

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