Sunny Trentino – Ski Diversity

Gentle winter sun, great food and famous wines, more than 700 kilometers of ski runs and 14 snow parks in the beautiful Dolomites – these are the components of your vacation in the Italian region of Trentino. This is a border area, so the Italian ability to prepare an amazing paste and pizza and carelessly enjoy life combines with Austrian businesslike and the Swiss desire for quality.

You can ski among the sparkling snow and picturesque peaks, and then go down to the valley and admire the vineyards, roasty forests and tiny cute towns, to visit the old mountain villages and even get acquainted with the culture of the small people of Ladin, speaking rare retoroman.

  • Picturesque trail in dolomites
  • Sunny Trentino - Ski Diversity
  • Snowshoes are popular in the south of Trentino
  • Culinary traditions are strong in Trentino

You are waiting for complex tracks on which the stages of the Peace Cup are held, or simple broad gender slopes, where even the newcomer will feel confident. Buying Dolomiti SuperSki ski pass, you can slide 350 kilometers of trained tracks in East Trentino near the resorts of Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemma – they usually choose those who are more important than interesting routes, a variety of skating and the ability to conquer the vertices, and the San Martino di Castrozza resort, which you like, if in addition to skis you want to settle sledges, are interested in history and plan to visit ancient villages and natural parks.

In these places it is worth going to fans of cruise skating. For them are laid a variety of thematic routes, such as "Panorama", allowing you to see the most beautiful peaks of Dolomites, Ski-Tour at commemorative places of the First World War, Tre-Valley’s Tour, which unites three valleys, and the most ambitious – "Around Move" Sella Ronda: For about 4-5 hours, you will open the Sella mountain range in a circle, admire the types of Val di Fassa and neighboring valleys and resorts, overcome almost 40 kilometers of descents and lifts (of which 23 kilometers you have to go skiing).

The western part of Trentino is 380 kilometers of routes, united Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta. In this zone, the resorts of Folgaride and Marillov, famous for picturesque forest trails and children’s training areas, are famous for the excellent states of the tracks and the latest high-speed lifts in Peyo and Passo-Tonal, the glacier is presented, where you can even ride in the summer, as well as the resort of Pagannella, who usually choose fans Voltrass skiing and those who love to combine skiing with water treatments, because not far, in the city of Andalo, a huge sports and recreation complex Aquain is open. At the same Ski pass, you will be able to ride in the Monte Bondone resort. He’s called "Open-air sports hall" For the fact that in addition to the usual skiing, skates and skeins there can be engaged in other sports – even so unusual as curling or ski mountaineering. And the most prestigious and expensive resorts in the west Trentino – Madonna di Campiglio. There are also because of well-groomed tracks, and for hope to be on the lift next to the German rider Mikhael Schumacher or with the scandalous blonde Paris Hilton, with the Italian skier Alberto Tomba or with the top model Naomi Campbell, to participate in the life of April Ski and have fun with friends In one of the nightclubs.

Want to break a little from dizzy? Then it stands for a couple of days to move to the Southwest Field of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luszerna. For athletes there are equipped with 125 kilometers of wide tracks, 37 lifts work. In these places it is better to come with the whole family, especially if some of your relatives feel like skiing is not very confident. And if someone wants and change the snowboard or heavy skiing on light running, he will only need to sit on a ski bass or a special train and get to Passo-Coe, Forte Cerle or Milllegrobbe – Routes for the Passo Coe – in the vicinity of these centers those who like to slide on the plains walks on snowshoes or is engaged in Nordic walking.

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