Sunny Islands Palau

For such a small block of land, Palau has a lot of interesting things. It is difficult not to admire it with an extraordinary massive of natural wonders. This archipelago, consisting of a large extent of 500 untouched limestone and volcanic islands covered with emerald forest and surrounded by a flickering turquoise lagoon. Welcome to Palau.

Briefly about Palau

Palau &# 8211; This is a tiny country east of Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. The total area of ​​all its islands does not exceed five hundred square kilometers. This country is associated with the United States, so in the turn of the dollars here and speak English. And inhabit it a little more than 20 thousand people. Coastal waters are rich in life, there are many types of marine creatures, including sharks. Palau enjoys special reverence of divers.

Attractions Palau

Many people travel to Palau for recreation and entertainment in the sun, scuba diving and other marine adventures, but a large number of historical attractions do not make rest here so monotonous. During World War, Palau was in the center of fighting for control over the Pacific Ocean. So there are many different relics and historical places that can be visited. For example, on the island of Perelya preserved Rusty technique, tanks and aircraft remaining since the time of war, and Almost intact runway. By the way, airplanes are full and at the bottom of the surrounding islands of water.

On the island of Koror, where by the way was the capital of the state, preserved Ruins of ancient buildings, constructed in time immemorial. And on the island of Rong Stones have incomprehensible letters, which are still unfossed. Babeltuan Island is also an archaeological mystery. No one knows who and when to Pyramids and incomprehensible constructions.

Sunny Islands Palau

The country is not rich in architectural attractions, however, and there is something to see. These are primarily Capitol Building in the capital, Town Ngerulmud. It is very reminded by its Washington Analog. Also there are interesting Buildings of the parliament, judicial and executive. There is also a couple of interesting museums in the city. it Ethnographical museum, the narrative of the traditions and history of the ancient islanders, as well as Etpison Museum.

Palau &# 8211; This is primarily rich nature, coral reefs and underwater world. The global center of all divers is Island Rock, where the green specks of the rich vegetation of the islets are scattered along the blue lagoon, and under water all the variety of life of tropical waters, as well as caves.

So-called Lake Meduse Located on one of the islands. That such a special in this lake is that it is filled with jellyfish that do not stick when you touch them. The reason for this is that jellyfish living in this lake have no natural enemies, and over time they evolved in this lake to become less and less toxic. So a popular attraction is swimming among these marine inhabitants.

Due to the wealth of local water, divers called the island of Palau underwater serengeti. So you need to visit water entertainment. In this country, green islands.

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