Sunny Day (Sunny Day)

Sunny Day (Sunny Day) – Resort complex on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located in close proximity to the resort. Konstantin and Elena, 10 km from Varna.

Once there was a health advantage of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria. In 2000-2002, a complete reconstruction of the resort was carried out, and the sunny day continued to be a symbol of an elite rest in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by a luxurious park.

Today, the resort is a sunny day is a complex of four hotels (4-5 *) located on a sandy beach with a length of about 1 km (the beach is assigned «Blue flag» – Environmental Purity Sign). There are thermal mineral sources here, on the basis of which the balneological center works.

On the territory of the resort complex there is a tennis court, bicycles, sauna, fitness, billiards, table tennis. The beach has a variety of water entertainment, as well as a port for yachts and boats.

In a sunny day, excellent conditions for business people have been created: modern conference rooms can take up to 220 people.

Sunny Day (Sunny Day)

On a sunny day, two balneological center specializing in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, as well as diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

On the territory of the resort complex there are one open and two indoor pools with mineral water, served from a hyperthermal source with a temperature of +28. +32°WITH. Water in the source – weakly mineralized, contains bicarbonates, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulphides and chlorides.

Treatment methods used: Electro- and freedom, hydrochief, mud, paraffin, inhalation, various baths, massage, medical gymnastics, sauna, fitness, medical cosmetics and t.D.

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