Sunny day

sunny day – Elite resort, which is located just 10 km from Varna resort in Bulgaria.

It is interesting that some time ago the resort of a sunny day in Bulgaria was opened exclusively for representatives of state power, and today tourists with income above average can visit the resort.

Resort Sunny Day in Bulgaria offers tourists accommodation in four luxury hotels located on the sea shore, as well as treatment in two balneological centers, where the resort guests will be provided over 100 wide spectrum services. It should be added that this resort – The owner of a prestigious award for hotel and tourist industry.

Benefits of the resort sunny day – This is a maritime climate, extremely useful for health, as well as mineral water from local sources. Note that at the resort a sunny day can be cured even from «Head» Chronic diseases. In addition, the resort is open for tourists during the year.

The resort is a sunny day and for a beach holiday, with this m infrastructure of the beaches are well developed: here you can do numerous sports. In addition, an equestrian base is open at the resort. In the evenings in the resort Sunny day in Bulgaria is also not bored: Casino is open here, noisy discos work. Also to service – Summer Theater, Contests and Other Entertainment.

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What is interesting to see in a sunny day?

Top attractions of a sunny day

Sunny Day: Excursions and Events

Excursions Spa Sunny Day – This is a visit to the mineral springs and balneological centers of the resort, beautiful walks in the forest park, walks along the coast. A visit to the resort spa, beautiful and useful pastime – All this refers to the main sunny day events.

If desired, tourists can go on an excursion from a sunny day to Varna: this resort is rich in attractions, and the time on the way will not be more than half an hour.

Evenings in the resort Sunny day life is hurting the key: there are discos, and calculated both on adults and for children.

By the way, children will not be bored at this wonderful resort: kindergartens, mini-pools, several wonderful playgrounds with slides and swings are open here. In short, the resort of a sunny day in Bulgaria will satisfy the needs of tourists of all ages!

History of sunny day

Sunny Day, Bulgaria Recreation, Reviews, Sunny Day Hotels Turniprome Travel Guide

Climate in a sunny day

Climate of the resort Sunny day in Bulgaria Soft Sea, and the air is saturated with healthy substances. The name of this Bulgarian resort speaks for itself: during the summer there is always sunny, rains in a spa sunny day – Frequency. The heat in the spa is sunny day in Bulgaria easily at the expense of breeze and trees from the sea, creating a pleasant shadow.

Weather at the resort Sunny day for months, see by passing the allocated link to the appropriate section of the touropey.

Sunny Day: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Sunny day spa offers tourists all kinds of outdoor activities: in the resort gyms you can do fitness, on the beach – Play the beach volleyball, ride a yacht, catamaran, do jogging. There are several excellent tennis courts on the resort, cycling is popular here.

On the spa sunny day open 4 high-class pools with mineral water. The equestrian base is open here. For kids – Children’s pools and playgrounds for games, slides and swings, fun discos.

Transport features of a sunny day

Transport in the spa sunny day – These are buses, river types of transport and, of course, hiking, which will give you only positive emotions. Tourists can get to Varna by taxi (calling the car tourists can from any resort hotel).

Sunny Day, Bulgaria Recreation, Reviews, Sunny Day Hotels Turniprome Travel Guide

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