Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong (Dr Sun Yat-Sen Museum)

Today’s article will be devoted to the Museum of Sun Yatsen in Hong Kong, which opened in the Central district in 2007. The opening of the new museum was timed to the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Great Chinese Revolutionary. We apologize in advance for not a very high-quality photo material, the fact is that it is prohibited to shoot in the museum, so all photos were "secretly" and with no good lighting. Before we proceed to a report about the museum, I would like to tell, who is such Dr. Sun Yatsen and how he is associated with Hong Kong. If you are interested only in the Sun Yatsen museum in Hong Kong, the next chapter can be safe to miss.

Biography Sun Yatrena

Dr. Sun Yatsen is considered one of the most famous Chinese revolutionaries of the late XIX – early XX century. You can list it with titles and merits for a long time, but, first of all, it is he who is the creator of the Gomindan party and the first president of the Republic of China (more known as Taiwan).

Sun Yatsen in 1924

The future Chinese revolutionary was born in 1866 in the poor family. In search of a better life and work, the elder brother Sun Yatsen went to the Hawaiian Islands, later he was followed by a 12-year-old brother. In Honolulu, young young man falls into a missionary school, in which he learns English, mathematics, history of Great Britain and other sciences from scratch. Studies quite easily given Sun Yatsen, so he finishes school with honors.

Monument to Sun Yatsen in Hawaii

At 17 years old, a well-educated Sun Yatsen returns to China. In the yard of 1883, the Chinese province of Guangdong, in which the native village of the future revolutionary is located in poverty, so Sun Yatsen, along with a friend of childhood, Liu Khaodun runs to Hong Kong, where the British ruffles.

In Hong Kong, the young man continues to learn, first at the public school, then in 1886 enters the Guangzhou medical school, from which it will later be translated into Hong Kong Medical University. In 1892, Sun Yatsen ends with honors from the university and receives the title of Doctor.

17-year-old Sun Yatsen

Already while studying at the Institute, Sun Yatsen begins to actively show his civil position: along with friends they are going and discuss the future of China and discuss the overthrowing options for the overall Qing Dynasty. In 1894, Sun leaves Hong Kong and goes back to Hawaii again to raise money for the revolution from US emigrants. At that time, the famous Union of Renaissance China with headquarters in Hong Kong. It is not difficult to guess that Hong Kong becomes almost the second home for Sun Yatsen, today there is even a special historical trail in which the places in which the revolutionary was often included.

Route Sun Yatsen in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Sun Yatsen and his associates are planning a revolt, which was decided to start on October 26, 1895 in the city of Guangzhou. But the plans of revolutionaries become known to the authorities, they arrest more than 70 people from the Union of Renaiss China, Sun Yatsen with the closest associates runs to Japan, then goes back to the US. Such a Tour Sun started not just like that – everywhere he agitates for his ideas and is trying to collect new funds to repeat anti-government speeches.

Sun Yatsen in San Francisco

From the states, the revolutionary goes to London, where representatives of the diplomatic mission immediately arrest it. But under the pressure of the British authorities he is released. Sun Yatsen is sent in Turne in Europe and is disappointed – democracy in European countries was not at all what he imagined himself, and again returns to Japan.

He wanted to return, of course, to China, but there the way he was naturally ordered. All the years of life in the exile Sun Yatsen is trying to find allies in the fight against the Qing dynasty. When you read the biography of the doctor, it seems that he was obsessed with this ideas, sometimes it even seems that nothing else in his life is interested.

Sun Jatsen in Japan

Only in October 1911 (t.E. Over 10 years old) Sun Yatsen was able to return to China, where he was elected first president of the Republic of China. But already two years later, after the next failed uprising, he is being fed again, and Japan becomes his new home again. Being in forced emigration, he continues to be the Prime Minister of the Chinese Party Gomindan. Up to his death in 1925, Sun Yatsen actively participates in the political life of China and Taiwan.

Monument to Sun Yatsen in Hong Kong

We were going to tell about Sun Yatsen, literally a few words, and turned out a brief biography, but it is difficult to explain without it why the revolutionary is so read in China.

Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong

Sun Jatsen Museum is located in the historic building of Kom Tong Hall, built in 1914. His name home was received by the owner of Ho Common Tonga. Ho family became the first Chinese family, which was allowed to build a building and live at the peak of Victoria. In 1960, the Kom Torg Hall was redeemed by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Last Days or simply Mormons, which served here service and other events.

By the beginning of the 2000s, the church took more spacious premises, and they moved to Van Cha Tea area, And the building com Tong Hall was put up for sale. Soon it became clear that if we carry the building and sell the plot of land to merchants under residential buildings, then the money will turn out more, and Mormons applied for the demolition of the historical monument. Fortunately, the Government of Hong Kong intervened and by 2004 bought the building, in which they decided to place the Museum of Dr. Sun Yatsen.

Building com Tong Hall

By the way, Sun Jatsen himself never in life was never in this building, but was well acquainted with his owner: Ho com Tong and the future revolutionary were classmates in the Central School. In addition, the older brother Ho actively supported the ideas of Sun Yatsen and helped in revolutionary activities. The relationship of the family Ho and Dr. Sun Yatsen was quite close, and maybe therefore, the Hall Tong Hall became one of the most successful options where the Revolutionary Museum could accommodate.

Kom Tong Hall in 1914

The museum’s exposition tells about Sun Yatsen, his family, study in the USA and Hong Kong, his associates. The basis of the exposition is a huge number of photos, one of the halls demonstrate a film that tells about the Chinese revolutionary. For those who are interested in the history of China, it will be very interesting to look at numerous documents.

Sun Yatsen in Hong Kong - Museum

As we have already spoken at the very beginning of the article that it is forbidden to photograph the museum, so there are very few photos inside the museum and their quality leaves much to be desired.

Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong

Bust Sun Yatsen

Inside com Ton Hall

Museum of Sun Yatien

How to get to the museum, opening hours, ticket price

Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong is located in the Mid-Level area, very close to the famous the longest escalator in the world. It is more convenient to get on it, from the metro station Central (EX / D2) or Sheung Wan (E1 output) on foot on the signposts, reach the escalator and climb it until you see the pointers to museums and mosque.

Street navigation in Hong Kong

Literally a few minutes and you will see a beautiful building com Tall Hall – you need it there. Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong works daily except Thursday, from 10:00 to 18:00, on weekends until 19:00. 10HKD entrance ticket price ($ 1.3) for owners Museum map of Hong Kong the entrance is free.

Sun Yatsen Museum in Hong Kong


Of course, the Sun Yatsen Museum is not the place where many tourists go from Europe and America, it is not Peak Victoria and ne Buddha. If you are interested in the story of Hong Kong, then you should like it here. If you want military history, it is better to go to Museum of Coast Guard, And if interactive exhibits, then in Museum of Science in Hong Kong.

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For Europeans, Sun Yatsen is a little-known personality, but the Chinese honor him and remember. It is in this museum for the first time we first met a large groups of Asian tourists who greedily enough every word of the guide, in no other Hong Kong Museum We have not seen anything like. Here, apparently, everyone has his own, but I personally liked the museum very much, we never regretted that they looked into it.

Sun Yatsen in Hong Kong - Museum

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