Memorial House Sun Yat Sen in Taipei

Sun Yat-sen – one of the most famous and respected Chinese politician. It is considered the founder of the People’s Republic of China and the Kuomintang. Taiwanese are very honored that policy, though in his life he had been on the island only three times. The most famous monument of him is considered, of course, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, located near the unique skyscraper Taipei-101, but there are other places that tourists generally do not get. By the way, the "house plum" Sun Yat-sen, we also did not know anything until you do not accidentally came upon him during one of his walks in Taipei. As we have already written above, Sun Yatsen visited Taiwan three times when the island was still under the jurisdiction of Japan. In 1913, during his second visit, the famous politician stopped at the hotel "Cottags", which is translated as a "plum house". The hotel was built in 1900 and was a classic Japanese house.

During his third visit Sun Yat-sen once again visited this place, but to meet with his colleagues in the party and to solve some financial issues. These two minor episodes in the life of the Great Chinese Revolutionary were enough to ensure that in 1947 the Government of the Republic of China’s Republic of China made a historical significance hotel, and the territory around it turned into a beautiful Japanese-style fleet.

Nowadays, anyone can visit the Memorial House "Father’s Nation" and see with their own eyes, in which Spartan conditions the leaders of the Republic of China lived. Despite the fact that during the war, many things were missing or were destroyed, their part managed to save.

So in the Memorial House Sun Yatsen in Taipei, you can see the mats that the Chinese leader enjoyed, as well as the wooden table, which was delivered from San Francisco. But the main exhibition represent historical photos and documents. It is forbidden to take pictures in the museum of stricken, but, despite the ban, we still made a couple of personnel, but the most "main" relics turned out in terrible quality.

One very interesting story was connected with the Memorial House of Sun Yatsen, which we lit up on the air of the international radio Taiwan. The fact is that on the 1983 project, railway tracks leading from the main Taipei station should have been going through the place where the "plum house" is located. In order not to harm such an important historical monument, it was decided to remove the railway underground, and for this I had to temporarily transfer the former hotel to bring it back to the previous place.

Now the memorial house is shifted 50 meters north of its old location. In 2007, the monument of history was renamed the "House of Historic Heritage of Father Nation" and became a full-fledged attraction of Taipei. Entrance to Park and House Sun Yatsen is completely free, but before entering the building it is necessary to remove shoes.

Sun Yatshen Park is made on all the traditions of Fenshuya, but we do not understand them very much, so we will not delve into this question. Personally, we really liked it: the historical buildings are very contrasted with skyscrapers, there are no many people here, in general, everything is as we love: quiet and very cozy.

The park is open from 8:00 to 17:00 every day, except Monday, but in the house itself you can get only from 09:00 to 12:00 or from 13:00 to 17:00. Park is just 500 meters from the main Taipei Station, detailed coordinates can be found on the map located at the end of the article.

Sun Yat-sen - Memorial House in Taipei

With the name of Sun Yatsen, two important places in Taipei are connected: First of all, this is the Memorial complex of Sun Yatien, which is not inferior in its beauty and scale Memorial Chan Kaishi, and the "plum house", about which we told today.

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Memorial House Sun Yatsen in Taipei on the map

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Sun Yat-sen - Memorial House in Taipei

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