Sunscreen cosmetics and means after tanning

Azure Sea, Bright Sun and Snow White Sand – That’s what you dream for long winter evenings. Run barefoot over velvet beach and flop in warm sea water. However, it is necessary to be very careful that the embodied dream of a golden tanning will not turn the punishment in the form of burns on the skin and blisters.

Perhaps tan for you and is a sign of beauty, Thais do not think so. In Asia, it is customary to hide from the Sun and be sure to use tanning products or protection. On the streets of Phuket, even in the most hot day you can see Thai, dressed in jackets and long sleeves shirts. No, they are not cold, they are hiding from the sun so that no ray reached their skin. After all, than whiter skin from a person, the one is considered more beautiful. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of cosmetics for face and skin whitening and with degree of protection. And solarium is a terrible dream of Thais!

So, you just arrived at the hotel and hurry to swim in the sea. The first days, like the last, the most dangerous: you do not limit the 30-minute stay on the beach, and swimming, you think that do not sunbathe. Do not forget that the sun on Phuket is quite dangerous, solar burns can be obtained in water, both on the beach, and in the shade, and even in cloud and rainy weather, so as not to burn, you should observe simple rules.

Sunscreen products

Be sure to use sunscreen. I suspect that traditional tanning schemes, starting with 5 minutes a day, are not suitable for the thirsty of the Sun and the Sea, who came to such a short time from snow-covered megacities and gloomy cities, and those who want to buy a velvety shade of mulatto. Single salvation in this situation – Sunscreen cosmetics. In Thailand in any store, including 7-11, sell protective equipment. For the price of European creams expensive. It is better to take sunscreen in Russia or in your country.

You can find well-known brands Nivea, Garnier, Banana Boat, Cooncil and Thai Ka, Vaseline, C’Care and others. Give preference to waterproof creams, otherwise after each bathing you will need to smear anew. For children, the Soltan brand series is good. For face Creams of brands Biore, Luminese, Thann and Ansessa. In the shops on the beaches sometimes you can meet SAFE SEA Jellyfish Lotion sunscreen lotion, which protects against plankton’s bites and jellyfish.

How much do the creams from the sun in Thailand?

Sunscreen in Thailand are expensive. For example, Niveya will cost 350-450 baht. Thai creams stand from 150-200 baht. My favorite Milk for the face of biore – 150 baht. And a cream protecting against plankton and jellyfish can be found for 600 baht. Sun oil with SPF will find in 200-400 baht depending on the brand.

What level SPF choose?

For the first days on the beach you will use sunscreen with protection of at least 30. Carefully apply them to the entire surface of open parts of the body so that there are no stains and divorces. I smeared with cream only shoulders, hands wiped out about the hips and went to swim? Be prepared with a funny picture in a couple of hours. Getting used to the Sun, you can change the protection factor for 20 or even 10.

People with sensitive skin recommend swimming in long-sleeved shirts, which are sold in markets in markets and in shopping centers. Do not forget to use sunscreens not only on the beach, but also when walking down the street, when the nose and ears are especially affected. Especially take care of your children. They are more susceptible to sunny burns.

Cosmetics after tanning

When exposed to sunlight, the skin loses its natural moisture, dries and aging. Side effects of a tan – these are wrinkles, freckles and dry skin. To avoid this, be sure to use the means after tanning. From natural cosmetic products in Thailand, coconut oil is common, which well moisturizes the skin and makes velvet. In second place are sprays, gels and creams based on Scarlet Vera. They soothe the skin irritated to the abundant and remove redness and burns. You can buy a globe aloe green belief in any shopping center, a private store, 7-11 and a pharmacy. Costs gel with scarlet faith from 100 baht. I like special lotions after the sun. They are already more expensive – 200-250 baht.

If you are burned.

Sun protection in Thailand - sunshine creams, tips, cosmetics after tanning guide

In my opinion, 90% of arriving for the first time in Thailand will happen solar burns. I look at the guys with fear, which without t-shirts go all day on the island on the motorbike. I can argue that in the evening they will dream of silk beds and ice bath. Excellent tool in this case – cooling wrapping with scarlet vera in the cabin. This procedure is an average of 1000 baht, but it is worth it. After wrapping, you can make a special massage with butter. Traditional Thai massage will be difficult to do for another day 2-3. I would still recommend specifically to arrange insurance in Thailand with the treatment of burns.

Beach behavior rules

The best time for sunburn until 11 am and after 3 days. Dawn and sunset in Thailand all year round at the same time – from 6:30 in the morning and evenings, so the time for the adoption of solar baths is more than enough. By noon on the beach to become pretty hot, vacationers prefer to devote time to dinner or an exotic cocktail somewhere in a tropical cafe. If the peak time of solar activity, I recommend to sunbathe in the shade, then at lunchtime and doubt. Every day, looking in the mirror, you covers the phobia? Use oil for sunburn and be in the shade. Coconut oil for tanning can be used, but its defense is insufficient. It is better to use special oils of well-known brands, for example, the company Banana Boat has an oil with various protection factors from 2 to 15. There is such an oil 400-500 baht.

Grab a bottle of ordinary drinking water on the beach. The more you drink, the less the chance of dehydration of the body. Water can come in handy in case you want to wash, because there is practically no freshwater blowing on the beaches of Phuket. Rather, they are, but not every 20 meters and not on all beaches. The same applies to locker rooms and toilets, so do not be surprised.

Do not forget with you on the beach sunglasses and hats, they just need them. Remember that negligent attitude towards the sun can cost you a scalp. Below wrote for you a brief rule so as not to burn in the sun.

  • On the beach and on excursions, use sunscreen. Remember that even in cloudy weather it is unpleasant to burn.
  • Take care and ladt your skin, you have one. If burned, go to the massage salon to wrap with the scarlet faith.
  • Use gel scarlet faith every day after the beach. With it, the skin will remain soft and moistened, and upon arrival home will not peel off due to dry climate.
  • Drink more water. Not juices, not fruit cocktails, not coffee, namely water.
  • Take care of your children from overheating, put it on Hats and Caps.
  • From noon until 15:00 Tanning in the shade, at this time the sun is the most active. It is better to go to a snack in a cafe or massage.

I guess I missed you at all;) Nothing terrible, remember my rules, take care of yourself, the whole sun in Thailand is not like in Turkey and Egypt, there is still a little bit south and there will be an equator.

Sun protection in Thailand - sunshine creams, tips, cosmetics after tanning guide

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