Lake Sun and Moon (Sun Moon Lake)

This story is about one of the most famous attractions of the island outside Taipei – Sun Moon Lake. In general, we did not plan to visit the lake this time – just the circumstances. Initially, we started another "Excursion" On one of the tea farms in the mountains near Tyjun, so that you see how it grows with my own eyes, it is processed and tea is processed before getting on store counters. But after a 6-ball earthquake that happened on June 10, some unreal rains hit the island and collapsed in the mountains on the way to the farm, so the way was overclosed and we learned about it along the way to the city of Taichung (臺中, Táizhōng ). &# 128578; In order to get to Taichung, it was decided to take advantage of the high-speed train (HSR, High Speed ​​Rail), "cutting" The whole island from north to south. We arrived at Taipei Main Station and without any problems purchased tickets to the desired station. Having reinforced coffee and buns, went on the road.

The train comes with fantastic speed, so after an hour (or maybe even less) we were in place. The speed of 277 km / h is far from the maximum – in the photo of the one that managed to capture, t.To. Positioning on GPS constantly &# 128578;

Right at the railway station We were taken pre-booked at the box office of the car of the only local automaker – LUXGEN. By the way, on the last Moscow car dealership was officially announced On the exit of this brand to the our market. But we knew about it in advance, t.To. One of our Taiwanese friends has a good relationship with the top management of Laxjegen. &# 128578;

Our machine sevenstal LUXGEN M7 MPV. Very worthy apparatus, at first glance. Entertainment system from HTC, full voice control, 360-degree system with parking and other sakes and frontings were available. &# 128578;

Inside very spacious and convenient. Let’s see how much it will cost with us, and what the hell does not joke, buy yourself such for long-distance road trips. Not yet on small sedanches ride &# 128578;

In Taichun, rain lils even stronger than in Taipei. Our chances of getting into the mountains rapidly melted in front of her eyes. The owner of the farm called and told us about the ripple, but promised to keep up to date if the passage is open. Well, we decided not to lose the time of time and once were in these parts, visit the lake and the Sun and the Moon, which, judging by the pictures on the Internet, promises a stunning nature around and great landscapes. About an hour path on the car and we are in place. So, the lake of the sun and the moon (日月潭) is located in the Nantau district, which borders with Taichung.

In the north of the lake is the village of Puli, the inhabitants of which believe that their village is an Earth PUP, more precisely, Taiwan PUP. The lake has an area of ​​7.7 kV. km, the depth of about 40 meters and is located at an altitude of 748 meters above sea level. The lake is divided into the North and South Sections of the island called Guanghua. Hence the name of the island: the northern part resembles the sun of the rhomatic shape, and the South looks like a crescent. This is the largest natural lake on the island. There are many legends and myths with him, but about them somehow.

Rain and did not think to stop, but we are so easy not to be frightened – we buy tickets for boat. There are three main tourist routes on the lake.

Despite the weather, almost all boats and yachts are ready to go on the road, and tourists are also fully.

At times, it rains almost stops and it seems that the sun will appear yet.

But this impression is deceptive … After some pause, the rain begins with a double strength.

But the real travelers are no longer stopped &# 128578;

In such gear, no rain is afraid.

We go on the road to the other shore of the lake, where the viewing place is located and the cable car.

Already from the boat it became clear that there are many hotels and hotels around the lake. Next time I will definitely come here with overnight to watch the most excellent sunset. The main thing is that the weather is good &# 128578;

The view from the windows of the hotel must be magical. By the way, this is the Hanbie Peninsula, where Chan Kai-Shi had previously stopped, and now the most fashionable lake hotels are located.

And the storm in the meantime continues to gain momentum ..

Despite the rain with a wall, in the mountains you can see stunning temples.

And here and our destination – if you look good, you can see a cable car, that’s just from the observation deck in the mountains, we are unlikely to see something.

The funicular works, the cabins with people move, which means not everything is lost, not in vain!:)

Going along the lake to the cable car.

Water in a lake turquoise color, I thought it was not so.

Along the shore there are floating houses with gardens.

And sometimes even whole fishing towns.

Device for fishing – they are pressed almost along all shores. Apparently so more convenient than fishing rod &# 128578;

Sun Moon Lake - Sun Lake and Moon - Taiwan

It remains very slightly and we are in place.

But the storm decided to finally confuse all the plans for today. We were literally 100 meters to the station, as the funicular stopped due to a storm warning indefinitely. Alas…

Going back to the ship.

Unfortunately, this time, all the beauty of the lake of the Sun and the Moon, we never saw. But despite this, the place is just awesome. Around extraordinary nature. In addition, around the lake, in addition to the cable car, many attractions – for example, the Church of Christ, which was specially built for worship for Chan Kaisha and the First Lady. There is still a village of Idashao, in which aborigines live and, of course, many temples. So much interesting thing that is worth spending on this place at least two days.

Returning to the boat on your own coast, we go back to Taichung, because in the mountains the collapse of the collapse and ride the tea farm is simply unsafe. Refueling in Taiwan are the same as everywhere &# 128578;

Roads equally good as paid and free.

Outside the window atypical temples.

And small mountain streams turned into stormy rivers.

On the way to the city we visit friends to drink tea and breathe fresh mountain air.

I was the first time in the middle of the island, and not in his capital. There are the same good-natured people who are ready to help you. Wonderful country where you are happy everywhere where you would not go.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

San Moon Lake – Sun Moon Lake on the map

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