Sun Francisco Attractions

Island in San Francisco Bay. Special fame received thanks to prison for especially dangerous criminals operating until 1963. Currently, the Museum is open at Alcatrace.One of the most famous sights of San Francisco.

Popular Place for Recreation and Entertainment, Located on Pier. It is widely known for the sea lions that constantly living on the pier.

The famous Golden Gate Bridge, transfered through the strata. One of the most famous structures around the world.

Bridge connecting San Francisco and Auckland. Less known than the Golden Gate Bridge, but not less noteworthy.

One of the most remarkable streets in the world. Known by its numerous turns, one of the favorite places for visits to tourists.

Tower located on a telegraph hill. From the observation deck of the tower offers an excellent view of San Francisco.

Public Park, one of the largest and visited in the USA. On the Park are dewung Museum and «Academy of Sciences».

Oldest Chinatown in the USA. One of the largest places of concentrated living in the Chinese diaspora worldwide.

Sun Francisco Attractions

Hills in the central part of the peninsula. Most tourists visiting San Francisco are departed on Twin Pix that admire the city and surroundings.

Square and prigible area in the center of San Francisco. Over the years, a popular place to make purchases.

Historic building located on Embargeader’s Embankment in the central part of San Francisco.

Skyscraper «Transameric». The highest building in San Francesco.

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