Summer – the time of new discoveries

Even in the country, which, as we think, we know by heart you can make a lot of new pleasant discoveries. Do not worry if you do not succeed this time to visit new countries, and think maybe there may be places where you rested before, but you did not have enough time spent there. And maybe it is necessary, finally get to know Russia with Russia?

Resting in Russia

Undoubtedly, in Russia there are a lot of cities and attractions that deserve to see them. The leadership of the country and regions are made a lot of efforts for the development of domestic tourism, the successful experience of Western countries is adopted.

Muscovites, and those who visited the capital last summer managed to note that the city was very transformed. There are two-story tourist buses in the city, the route of which passes through all the main attractions. There are special subscriptions on sale that allow tourists to save on visiting museums, travel tickets for public transport, taking into account the needs of tourists. In Moscow, there are a lot of parks, recreation areas, in recent years, Moscow has been very transformed very much, and nothing is inferior to the European capitals.

Very good tourist infrastructure created in Sochi, St. Petersburg, Kazan – cities that in recent years are taking the largest international events. You can go to Grozny and see how the capital of the Chechen Republic transformed, no worse than the Arab Emirates transformed.
In Russia, active work is underway to prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so new hotels are being built in the cities of it, existing ones are being built. Do not forget about the Crimea, who is looking forward to our tourists, and if you are planning to go there, consider the experience of last year and fly by plane.

Those who are interested in the historical heritage of Russia can sit in the car and go on a journey through the Golden Ring, watch the ancient temples and monasteries, the city from which Rus began. We all heard of them, but before they did not find them time to visit.

Long dreamed of seeing white nights? Go to St. Petersburg, there, on the background of vintage buildings and divorced bridges, a nightly walk will be incredibly romantic. And you can also go to Arkhangelsk or Murmansk. By the way, icebreakers with tourists on board are sent from Murmansk in the summer of the North Pole, who want to see white bears in a natural habitat. Not ready for extreme – go to Karelia, there are amazing nature, the purest lakes and, again, white nights.

The unique natural sights of Russia are in the Asian part of Russia – Lake Baikal, Lensky Poles, Plateau Man Pupa Ner on the Serena Urals, the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka and this is only a small part of what you could see in our country.

In the upcoming airline season, promise to save affordable prices for internal flights. Another huge plus – you will not come across a linguistic barrier. Of course, in remote corners of Russia, it is more difficult to travel, but you can find information about the place where you are going online. Find in advance the contacts of local travel agencies that organize excursions to attractions or make up with locals who will be able to help you with useful advice. In the age of high information technology, everything is possible. So, those who decide to relax from foreign resorts will be where to go.

Holidays abroad

Well, if you still want to go abroad, be prepared for the fact that the number of proposals for tour operators will significantly decrease compared to the summer of last year. Tour operators in the same way as winter will optimize their programs.

In 2015, as before, batch tours will be offered to Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand. Be sure to sell excursion tours to Europe, allowing combining beach holidays. Most likely, there will be few new items, but you have seen not everything even in those countries where we visited more than once.

Take, for example, Turkey. Few who can boast that she traveled this country along and across. Many traditionally spend vacation at the resorts of the Mediterranean, in recent years they grew the popularity of the resorts of the Aegean Sea, as well as excursion tours to Istanbul. But not only Byzantine emperors and Ottoman Sultans lived on the territory of modern Turkey. The unique region of Cappadocia with his unique relief, formed millions of years ago, houses cut down right in the frozen magma, in which people continue to live. Maybe you were before in Cappadocia on the excursion, but why not stay here longer, wander around the streets, between unusual houses, and before dawn, heaves over this beauty in a balloon to see how the sun rises. At this time, a lot of balloons rises in the air with the same tourists from all over the world, which only for this sunrise did a long way!

And Pamukkale with its natural limestone pools and a nearby pool of Cleopatra. Is it possible to enjoy, having arrived here at the height of the day under the sunbail in the crowd of tourists? But in the morning or in the evening, when you can truly evaluate the beauty of these places here. And do not forget about the legendary ancient Greek city of Troy, who, by the way, was located on the territory of Turkey. The city of Antakya in the east of the country was previously known as Antioch-on Oronte, it was here that the world’s first Christian church appeared, who worn the name of St. Peter. Therefore, if you think that having studied the resorts of Antalya and visiting Istanbul, you know everything about Turkey – you are deeply mistaken.

The same can be said about Greece, the birthplace of ancient culture. If you were in Athens, Thessaloniki, rested in Crete or Rhodes, it does not mean that you have seen Greece. If you are not going on vacation with a small child, turn on in your recreation program. Examination of Greece Islands. Almost all of the islands are interconnected by ferry. Every island of Greece is beautiful, so do not be lazy to visit at least those islands that are near your.

For example, from Rhodes or Crete you can accumulate on the ferry on the island of Santorini, which is famous for its most beautiful sunsets. In order to see how the sun, illuminating the golden rays, the city of Iya is immersed in the sea. Thousands of tourists come every day. Do not be lazy to book at the night of the hotel to admire the sunset "from the first row". And in the morning, on the bus, go to the opposite part of the island to sunbathe. Beach can choose any: white, red or black. Due to the fact that the island has volcanic origin, there are even sand on the beaches in color. Go to the salary for the caldera, which was formed on the site of the volcano. Visit Nea Kamen Island, which formed in Calder only 500 years ago, and climb to the top of the volcanic crater. To see Santorini, you will have two or three days, and then you can spend the day on a very beautiful island of Mykonos – a favorite place of celebrity recreation.

Summer - the time of new discoveries

If you stay at the Greek resorts on the Ionian Sea – Be sure to visit the island of Zakynthos, which is famous for its incredibly beautiful bays with transparent turquoise water and beaches with snow-white sand. The most beautiful place and the hallmark of the island of Zakynthos, the bay of Navagio familiar to many on various tourist prospectuses, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The small white sand beach on which the ship is lying, more than 30 years ago the crashed here, is surrounded from all sides with a height cliffs with a height of 300 meters. From the port of Agios Nikolaos to the bay ship shipments for tourists daily. You can only get to her by sea. If you arrive at Zakynthos in August, you will be lucky enough to see the huge sea turtles of "Caret-Care" who sail here to postpone the eggs in the warm sand of Zakynth. On the rocks surrounding the bay of Navagio equipped with an observation deck with which very beautiful views of the bay and the beach are opening.

Perfect holiday vacation in Italy, combining beach holidays with excursions around the country. Italy is a unique nature, monuments of different eras, delicious dishes of national cuisine. In July, sales start, and Italy – the birthplace of many fashion brands. Even if you do not go to the sale in Milan, then in one of the numerous factory outlet, you can with a good discount getting designer things. But, in addition, do not forget that, departing from Italy, you can return Tax Free, paid when buying value added tax.

Tax Free Shopping is distributed in many European countries, including Turkey. Each country has a minimum purchase amount with a tax and different interest rates, depending on the size of the value added tax in this country. Detailed information about Tax Free Shopping can be found on the website www.GlobalBlue.Ru.

Tax Free Stores are marked with a Blue Global Blue Sticker. Ask the seller, arrange you Tax Free Check. Fill it out and when departure from the country, present a customs officer at the airport together with purchases to obtain a stamp. Do not remove your Tax Free purchases to the baggage before presenting them to the customs officer, and also do not use them. Make sure that there are tags and price tags on things, otherwise you may not put a stamp. After the stamp is received, you can contact the receipt on the rack with the inscription Global Blue or Tax Free to return taxes in cash or credit card.

If, resting in Europe, you decide to look into local supermarkets to buy local delicacies for yourself, remember that individuals of animal origin (meat, dairy) in the amount of no more than 5 kg per person are allowed to use individuals to individuals. our customs officers are now strictly followed by compliance with this rule.

Do not love beach holidays, arrange voyage on continental Europe. Vintage centers of large cities – real museums in the open air. Many monuments of various eras are concentrated in Europe, museums in which world art masterpieces are stored. Festivals are held in European cities, various festive events, in which numerous tourists are happy to take part. You can visit the incredibly beautiful country palaces and castles of European nobility, take a walk in picturesque parks.
If you come to the city for the first time and do not know where to go and what to see, find the center of tourist information, they are at airports, train stations and close to attractions where you can take a tourist map of the city, get information about public transport, hotels, restaurants.

Do not be afraid to independently explore the country in which you relax. If you went on vacation over a package tour, but do not like group excursions, you can always seek advice to the guide and will tell you what sights are nearby and how to get to them. Travel yourself – contact the hotel reception, go to any mini market and buy a guide. For owners of smartphones and tablets A variety of guidebook applications are available for cities and world countries operating without connecting to the Internet.

Let the funds for long-range travel there are not everyone, but you can open for yourself a newly country that you seemed to have been studying for a long time.

Summer - the time of new discoveries

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