Summer sales start in France

Summer in many European countries is the sale season. Not exception and France. This summer discounts in Paris stores and most other cities of France will begin at the end of June. The sale season will last from June 25 to July 29 – only 5 weeks. Many tourists specially come to France at this time shopping. This is not surprising, because discounts during the sales period can reach up to 70%.

As a rule, almost all stores participate in the discount season, from luxury brands to budgetary brands. And you can buy cheap things not only in shopping centers or mollah, but in small shops. For those who will not be able to visit the shopping in Paris Fashionable things, accessories, women’s jackets online stores are also offered to buy at discounted prices – the sale season is distributed on the Internet.

Summer sales start in France

Those who are going for purchases to other regions of France need to keep in mind that there are cities where sales begins later than Paris. For example, stores in Nice and Perpignan reduce prices from July 2 and until August 5. On Corsic, the period of discounts will last from July 9 to August 12. On different ways to sell sales and in the overseas territories of France. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon declare a shopping holiday from July 16 to August 19.

In other islands, he is not taking place in the summer, but in the fall. On the Reunion – from September 6 to October 10, in the French Guadeloupe – from September 27 to October 31. In October, the sale season begins and in French Guiana, and on Martinique – from October 2 to November 5, on Saint-Martin and Saint-Bartelmi – from October 11 to November 14.

Summer sales start in France

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