Summer Residence Bishops Pore

Residence of Bishops of Parish (Wall or Clear Castle) – Monumental structure, rebuilt from an antique castle in the Romanesque style. The modern view of the building was acquired for several centuries, and no one knows the date of its foundation today and does not know.

From the documents it is known that initially it was a fortification structure, and so far many fragments are clearly defensive, for example, guard towers of the XIII century.

Summer Residence Bishops Pickle Sightseeing Vrsar Tour Profit Guide

At the time of the Episcopate, the building was used as a summer residence, and as shelter for the time of riots, wars or diseases. In the castle there were chambers of the Bishop himself, as well as his employees and guests. There were also extensive storage for wines and food – After all, some of the representatives of the church authorities lived here not only in the summer, but at all. Here came representatives of secular and spiritual power, and sometimes the local synod was going at all.

Bishopath Prachki was abolished during the reign of Venetian. The castle became a civilian object and transferred to the ownership of the city first, and the sweat – in private ownership. Since the XIX century, Vergottini family owned the palace, and from the 20th century he is a luxurious residence of a large company that has done a solid reconstruction of the building.

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