Summer in Mexico: what you need to know the tourist

At the moment, two airlines fly to the resort cannon can fly: Nordwind and Charter Azur Air. Despite the fact that flights are positioned as regular, in fact, they can be considered charter.

Three our tour operators provide passenger traffic of these flights. Every Wednesday and Saturday Board Boeing 777-300ER Charter Azur Air download Anex Tour together with «Intourist». Each 10–11th Night Tourists from Pegas Touristik fly out by a subsidiary of Nordwind aircraft Boeing 777-200.

All the tour operators working with Mexico have planned their flight programs until the winter season.

When planning recreation, tourists need to be considered that the duration of the flight is 13 hours, but the flights are put in schedule, as a rule, at night, so the difference in plus eight hours between Russia and Mexico, tourists are not terrible – There is time to sleep.

Entry Rules and Required Documents

Requirements are very simple: you need to get permission for entry by filling out the form on the site, and for 12 hours before departure to arrange an electronic declaration . Both documents must be submitted in paper when registering for flight at the airport.

In addition to the documents listed, you will need: a passport (with a period of at least 6 months before the trip), immigration card (issued on board), a voucher for accommodation from the tour operator, a medstrash for a recreation period, notarized permission from parents in Spanish (for children, traveling independently or with one of the parents).

Features of stay at Mexican resorts

  • There are no requirements for isolation after entering the country.
  • Power dots work in normal mode.
  • Maintenance features in hotels with power on the All Inclusive system is not provided.
  • Masks on open spaces are not necessary (in this case, the requirements remain in closed premises, the staff must observe the mask mode everywhere).

Benefits of summer holiday in Mexico

Summer holidays, as well as rest in general, in Mexico to Pandemic could not be called a popular destination from ours due to a significant price. However, he has the advantages to pay attention to.

This is a great direction for a comfortable beach holiday, especially in the hotels All Inclusive. The excursion program in Mexico is also very saturated – Pyramids, the ancient cities of the Mayan civilization, interesting thematic amusement parks.

Despite the fact that the Mexican pandemic was mainly in the winter direction, the summer weather is also very comfortable – The temperature is constantly about 30 degrees, warm water in the ocean, always sunny weather.

Cancun hotels, most often, are whole hotel complexes with excellent infrastructure, choose which at an affordable price is now, during the pandemic period. Tour operators suggest that today’s prices after stabilization of epidemobations in the world will return to the previous level.

Disadvantages of rest on the Mexican coast

Summer in mexico what you need to know the tourist

Minus summer holidays in the Caribbean resorts – Algae due to water flowering in the ocean. However, there are fewer in cancun (therefore, the price of tours above), and in the Bay district (Maja Riviera) – more. However, hotel employees put every effort to clean the territory of the beaches in early in the morning. In addition, there are always enough water parks and swimming pools in the territories of hotels.

Who is suitable for rest in Mexico

Mexico – A favorite place for wedding tours, but it is perfectly suitable for family couples with adolescent children. Mexican resorts are preparing programs for young children, especially after taking tours to Turkey, which traditionally drove families with young children.

What to choose resorts and hotels

The most popular and already proven resorts, on information tour operators, Cancun and Riviera Maya. At the same time, Maja Riviera is more suitable for family holidays with children, and Cancun – For romantic recreation couple. The price of hotels closer to the city center will always be lower than in resort hotels with a large territory and excellent infrastructure.

The new resort area of ​​Playa Mucheres is gaining popularity, which meets the requirements of different categories of vacationers.

The most profitable options for the price ratio–Quality (service set) will have hotels with a power system «all inclusive» Categories 4 and 5 stars. Tourists who visited Turkey and Mexico celebrate a higher quality and diversity of food in Mexican hotels compared to Turkish.

Among the hotels of all categories enjoy the confidence of guests Riu hotels, which from year to year receive good reviews and high quality quality assessments.

Prices for Summer Tours in Mexico in 2021

In June, the price of 5 * All Inclusive flights the week starts from about 185 thousand. rubles for two. The same hotel, but for 10 nights / 11 days, will cost from 260 thousand. rubles.

In July, the same package in a similar hotel will cost a little cheaper: from 175 thousand. rubles and from 218 thousand. rubles, respectively.

Interestingly, prices for hotels in 4 * will differ slightly – on 4–6 thousand. rubles below.

Is there a demand from our tourists to rest in Mexico

According to information from our operators, tickets for flights to Mexico until June 19 are already replenished, and the remaining flights until the end of the month – Download 70–80%.

In general, tourists are now afraid to buy tours in advance. The greatest activity is observed in reservations for the next one and a half months, although there are reservations and for December. Those who want to relax in Mexico this summer should hurry – The number of remaining places on flights is very limited.

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