Summer holidays in Trentino

Summer is the perfect period to leave on vacation, forget about problems and affairs and dedicate for several days only to yourself and your family, and the perfect place to spend this holiday – Trentino, where all the conditions have been created to relax and charge the energy.

This summer, along with mountain peaks, lakes, water barriers, forests and meadows, thanks to which in June last year, part of Trentino was recognized "World Landscape Trucks", Since the dolomites covering it were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, you are awaiting a wide variety of tourist offers. The choice is truly unreasonable, because Trentino, nature and culture, infrastructure and organization are connected to offer guests a vacation that meets any requests.

The results of the 2009 tourist season are inspired, but good results are not an accident, but the result of effective mutual cooperation of tour operators, owners of hotels and associations on tourism, in the field of management and directly on the ground.

Nature Trentino seems to be specifically created for hiking in the mountains, walks in forests and sunbathing on the Alpine meadow. And it is for those who want to spend vacation in the mountains there are thematic panoramic routes, allowing to admire the types of dolomites, as well as routes for which you can climb into the mountains on the Mountanbike. Bicycle riding lovers will find in Trentino an extensive network of cycling trails, which is replenished with new routes every year. At the disposal of cyclists more than 400 kilometers of tracks, different from each other and suitable for all age.

For families with children and nature lovers in three natural parks, Trentino has developed special recreation programs, including didactic initiatives and activities aimed at promoting new environmental thinking.

Wellness is represented by 46 hotels of Vita Nova health centers &# 9472; Trentino Wellness, as well as a network of thermal centers Trentino Thermae, which includes nine structures with long traditions (still by Gabsburg), to which this year will join the new center in the city of Arco.

Summer holidays in Trentino

Rich calendar of sports events, and many famous athletes and football teams, such as Juventus and Bayern Monaco, choose Trentino to prepare for the new sports season.

The cultural events passing under the sign of L’Arte Della Vacanza (art of recreation) enjoy successful success, among which the most significant manifestations and festivals are held on the territory of Trentino, among them it is worth noting I Suoni Delle Dolomiti (Dolomites sounds) – when music sounds on the most beautiful mountain peaks. Cultural offer is presented by Trentino museums (MART (March), one of the most important museums of contemporary art in Italy), as well as events whose goal is to reveal the importance of cultural heritage of the territory. This spring, April 17, after a long restoration, will open its doors to visitors again. The magnificent example of the closed architecture Trentino – Castle Tun (THUN) in Val di Non Valley. Collections of exhibits stored in the castle, better than many books can tell about what life was in Trentino for the eight-year reign of princessing bishops.

You can not get around the attention and enogastronomic offer, an integral part of a good vacation. Expensive "Wines and taste", Excellent typical products, as well as bubbles of the famous sparkling wine Trentodoc Metodo Classico along with apples from Val di Valley &# 9472; proof of the fact that in this field Trentino offers its guests only the best.

Summer holidays in Trentino

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