Summer holiday in Baikal: budget option

Lake is on the border Irkutsk region and Buryatia. Its surrounds mountain ranges and forest stripes.

In the water of Baikal, rivers flow: Upper Angara, Barguzin, Selenga. Many tourists go to rest in the summer, in June, because quite a bit of people, and in July and August, because the bathing season. It should be noted that water is warmed only to twenty – twenty two degrees. Therefore, the duration of the season is small, but it is this period of time that is considered the most expensive.

You can get to the lake with various types of transport: plane, train, car. But here you need to consider our opportunities to tourists: the flight will be quick, but expensive, getting cheaper by rail, but the road in the way will take some time, the most optimal option is On our own transport, as you want to see a lot of beautiful places. Nearest cities are Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Severobaykalsk.

On Baikal there are different types of housing. From the most expensive (hotels, sanatoriums) with a price from three to six thousand rubles, to a cheaper option (recreation centers, guest houses) from one and a half to three thousand rubles. To save, you need Consider accommodation in the private sector – Eating housing.

But the fiscal option will be Holidays savage, with a tent. There are campgrounds, the tourbases in which nine square meters stand out for one tent for five hundred rubles per day, the car parking will cost three hundred fifty rubles. If you have to rest outside the camping, then we must consider that on the shore of the lake there are not many designated parking spaces, and part of the coastal strip is a reserve, resulting in a bonfire.

Before traveling to rest, we need to plan your leisure in advance, as there are several tips for tourists. If you are going to relax by car – you need Make a full tank within the city, Network refills are absent, and local gasoline of dubious quality. With myself better take cash, Problematically find an ATM. Experienced tourists know that Pretty repellent and concurrent, as well as grafting against ticks. And, of course, Acquire souvenirs better in the central market of Irkutsk, much cheaper than in villages around the lake. It must be remembered that the weather on Baikal is very changeable, so in its reserve the tourist should have a raincoat, a windproof jacket and warm things.

Summer holiday on Baikal Budget version

On such a rest ride better without children, Since children’s infrastructure is not developed and there are no pharmacies, medical institutions.

As entertainment, tourists are offered Descent on the bottom in Virtual Batiskfe in the Baikal Museum, To see the fan of Nerp – local seals, and the show trained animal to see in the local nepinarium.

Baikal Lake Mystical with strong energy. Here you can see the rites of the indigenous peoples and the most real shamans, Buddhist temples and open-air museums. Colorful landscapes fascinate and give this monument to nature a fabulous atmosphere.

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