Summer holiday in Serbia

Serbia – Country of Mountains and Great Plains. Here in the summer you can do mountain haking, relax on therapeutic waters, visit historical buildings. So each tourist will find her holidays here.


In Serbia you can travel and budget, and rich tourists. To consider all the beauty of the country, you can rent expensive racing cars or SUVs.

For state employees, it is better not to spend money on a taxi, since it is very expensive. At the airport, Nikola Tesla can be beneficial change dollars on dinars, and calmly sit on a bus that goes to the city. Civil transport in Serbia is well developed, so buses and trolley buses run every twenty minutes.


Serbia has a large number of luxury hotels with tennis courts, pools and spa salons. For budget tourists there are also hostels and hotels where there are cheap rooms with all amenities. Also near the shore of the Danube is Small houses, which every tourist can rent and enjoy the views and scenery of the area.


Serbia – Country of Great History. There are buildings, historical places that belong to different epochs. And this happened because Serbia captured by different countries Already 38 times and here each of them made a particle of his aesthetics.


Belgrade – the capital of Serbia, here is just a majority of historical sights. In the city of Communist buildings Garmoniously combined With the classical buildings of the Day of the reign of the Austrian Empire.

Summer holiday in Serbia

In the center of Belgrade there is Kalemnel Park. It is an ancient and ancient park, his highlight is that here Located the Church Ruzhice. The peculiarity of the Church is that the last time it was not restored by architects, but soldiers. They gathered her from bullets and debris, so the atmosphere is just incredible.

An even more interesting attraction is under Belgrade himself. Underground built another city, which appeared long before the capital. Previously, the Romans used it as a quarry, the Ottomans stored gunpowder, and the Germans were rebuilt with different loopholes under the military headquarters. Now this museum and most of the paths have not yet been studied.

In Belgrade there is a place of intersection of two rivers Sava and Danube. You can take a boat ticket and quietly enjoy an incredible view of the river and landscape around it.


On the outskirts of the capital there is a place for lovers of extreme rest. Here you can jump with a parachute. True, this holiday is not for the budget tourist, but it is worth it. Just Incredible view opens from a bird’s eye view.

In Serbia, every tourist can find rest at his discretion. There is something to see and find out, so summer will be just unforgettable.

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