Summer holiday in Paphos

Paphos – Cyprus Resort, is located near the Mediterranean. The beauty of this city amazes with its unusual and mysteriousness. Relaxing a simple state employee here is also possible, especially in connection with the price pandemic in the tourist city decreased.


A rich tourist can rent any car. There is here Retro cars, which can be rented only with the driver.

The budgetary tourist with transport will be hard, as a taxi here is very expensive and buses do not go at all at all. Therefore, it will be necessary to get either on foot, hitchhiking or still spend Significant amount of taxi.


Paphos is enough Dear and elite city, Therefore, accommodation here is expensive. Naturally, five-star hotels with pools, cortes, interesting restaurants, an unusual design here is enough. But there are few hostels or small hotels, and the number per day is expensive.


Paphos – the most ancient and old city in the Mediterranean. There are a large number of historical buildings and settlements, and incredible natural attractions.

Antique city. In Paphos there is another old town. Initially, it was an antique pathos, his architecture miraculously remained to our time. And every tourist can walk through the ancient city, look at the old theater and just visit the place where the goddess of Aphrodite lived on the legend and preached the apostle Paul.

Tsarist Tomb. Near the center is an old tomb. She is underground, here 2400 years have been buried not only kings, but also know. Under the ground there is a whole funerary city, which you can walk and feel the whole atmosphere of antiquity.

Summer holiday in Paphos


In Paphos, it is not difficult to rent a yacht. On the yacht, you can not only see the city, caves and swim in the sea, but also Diving. At the depths of nine meters there is an interesting natural attraction. Here is the whole amphitheater, which used to be a submarine cave. Very interesting to swim and consider new inhabitants of strange natural architecture.


In the suburbs of Paphos is Waterfall "Kupaling Adonis". Even though the water is here and cold, but it is still worth swimming here. According to the legend Any woman who will swim in waters will definitely find love and happiness in his life.

Paphos – ancient and expensive resort town, but rest here is just an unforgettable. Even a budget tourist can enjoy summer holidays off the coast. Can Visit ancient buildings, enjoy beautiful nature and swim in the warm sea.

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