Summer holiday in Northern Macedonia

Macedonia – heart Balkan Peninsula and the country of the Great Mountains. Here in the summer, each tourist can conquer 34 vertices, swim in The largest lake, to visit B Canyon, Visit several Mysterious caves and historical memos.


V Northern Macedonia You can relax well both rich and budget tourist. Here you can Take a taxi, rent different brands Cars and private jackets. But it is best possible to consider the country exactly bird’s-eye.

For a budget tourist, it is better not to spend money on a taxi, because near the airport Skopje they Too expensive. Bus the city does not go often, at a certain time, but it is quite comfortable and has Own conditioner. In the same cities Macedonia there is Tourist two-story buses, They can be considered all the beauty and oldity of buildings and listen History of Guides.


In every town Macedonia there is Luxury hotels and hostels. You can rent Own villa on the shore Ohrid Lake or in Mountains, and relax from the city bustle among nature and silence. But besides hostels, state employees can also rent a small price House right B The depths of the canyon of the uterus. This housing is especially well suited for those who want to relax from the Internet, stay alone and enjoy beautiful sunsets and dawns.


Northern Macedonia – country Great History, therefore Attractions and historical memos here are quite a lot.

&# 8211; City Ohrid.

Ohridtourist town, as located around Lake Simony. There is here sand beaches and pebbles, Water in Lake Crystal clear. Near the coast it is possible Rent a boat, ride on the lake. Especially well in summer swim among incredible beauties.

Summer holiday in Northern Macedonia

&# 8211; City of Skopje.

SkopjeCapital of Macedonia, due to the fact that the country was before 1991 Under the rule of different nations, there are unusual Historical memos. There is here Fortress Calea, which were built in the Middle Ages Scandinavians.
Not far from the fortress is located bridge, whom More than 1500 years. It was built Roman from one-piece blocks, this bridge tried to carry the Germans, but he survived. now this Historic attraction, where everyone can take pictures on the background of mountains and rivers.
V Suburb of Skopje You can climb on Viewing platform Mountain Water. Those who like leisure, You can climb to the top not on the funicular, but on foot. From the top is visible the whole city. You can also make incredible photos on the background Mountains and Cross. He was built in honor anniversary of Christianity And now it is also Tourist attraction.

&# 8211; Park Pelister.

PelisterThe largest park in northern Macedonia. Everything is here: Fir forests, endless valleys and incredible viewing platforms. Every tourist in the summer can arrange here picnic or with a guide to climb on Peak &# 8211; Pelister and consider the whole park.

Northern Macedonia – an incredible country. Here in the summer every traveler can find rest in the soul and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature.

Summer holiday in Northern Macedonia

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