Summer holiday in Lapland

Most people Lapland associated with ice locks and Motherland Santa Claus. But, to a considerable surprise, the snow capital offers a lot of amazing and summer. Lapland tourists seem to be completely different, liberated from ice shacks with fantastic views and abundance of vegetation.

Summer Lapland transformed and becomes an excellent travel destination in Tents and Furnones. Tourists from all over the world are trying to catch the moment to visit Flowering Lapland, since this holiday lasts only a couple of months a year. Lapland is Unique place, the only one of a kind.

With the arrival of heat, all the reservoirs are thawing that Provides the opportunity to tourists to plunge into active sports: Ride canoeing, try rafting and riding on pneumatic chambers attached to the category. As a quiet entertainment offered fishing. Rivers and lakes During this period, they are sicked by the best grades of selected fish, which is not difficult to catch. After a fascinating day spent on fishing, you can enjoy satisfying a hay of the caught catch.

For those who love spend time on nature, Have an excellent opportunity to observe a variety of animal world, take pictures of rare species of birds and insects. One of the most popular entertainment of tourists in Lapland is watching wild bears. Tourist centers Offer to watch animals in habitat familiar to them during the day. But far from everyone is given such an opportunity. Time when observing the bright bear passes unnoticed, after a fascinating trip to the participants are offered treats.

Summer holiday in Lapland

In Lapland is held an international competition "Washing of gold". Contestants with all the world flock to participate in the competition. Parents with children seek to get to the competition, learn about Traditions and customs, plunge into history.

Do not forget about such interesting residents of Lapland, like deer. In summer periods, they can be observed in very large quantities and almost everywhere, and in Features on the road. Explains it is quite simple, By roadbrains, moss grows abundantly, which feed animals. In addition, on the roads are not such a number of black mosquitoes that make it difficult to life deer.

In summer, for several weeks in Lapland Light 24 hours per day. On such days, you can walk through the forest until late at night and enjoy the bright rays before the onset of long winter.

Summer holiday in Lapland

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