Summer holiday in Gagra

Perhaps the most popular resort in Abkhazia is Gagra. The city is located between the ridge and the sea. The resort is famous for beautiful beaches, many believe that the sea is cleaner here in the whole Black Sea coast. Beaches in Gagre pebble-sand and stretch a few kilometers, which allows tourists to relax and swim in a comfortable environment. Attracts our tourists and the proximity of the resort to the border, it is easily accessible from Adler from the airport, there is also a direct message with Russia by rail and buses.

Gaga is distinguished by a developed tourist infrastructure, new hotels and small private hotels appear here. Cheap compared to large hotels Private Gaga sector enjoys constant popularity among holidaymakers. Those who prefer a quiet leisure and comfort will be suitable for guest houses in the private sector. It features room tourists equipped with everything necessary in order to feel at home. Guest houses in Abkhazia are designed for reception families and small companies. If you do not hold the whole house, you can rent a room and two.

Summer holiday in Gagra

In the services provided in the private sector, not always included. Of course, you can cook yourself, but it is better to eat in one of the inexpensive cozy cafes scattered throughout the city.

Resting in Gagra often come with families and everyone finds entertainment to their taste. Children will undoubtedly like the Gagra Water Park, youth will be able to entertain on numerous disco. Don’t forget about the excursions. Near the resort there are beautiful places such as Rice Lake or Gegian Waterfall.

Summer holiday in Gagra

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