Summer holiday in Finland

Recently, Finland was recognized as the best place for winter holidays in "Annual Prize in the Tourism Region Star Travel.Ru". This is true. The proximity of the location, convenient infrastructure, good opportunities – everything contributes to excellent winter holiday! And what about the summer holiday? It is no secret that in the summer of Finland is also a very popular direction. Although there are no skiing, no fabulous winter forest, no dog harness and deer, but there is a green forest with mushrooms and berries, magnificent fishing, excellent cycling routes, reserved places with tourist trails, numerous festivals and holidays – all that can give generous summer time. Let’s try to highlight the main one suitable for tourists during the summer Finnish holiday.

People’s inhabitants of St. Petersburg will not surprise white nights, but residents of Moscow and other cities south of white nights are exotic. Back in Soviet times, many residents of the capital went to Karelia in the summer and rested there in nature among many lakes, and in Petrozavodsk at the station, when sending a train to Moscow, a song sounded "will be long karelia dream". Iron curtain collapsed, and we learned that there is a Finland with the same forests and lakes, with the same white nights. Only roads are a bit better.

Granite rocks, like walls along the roads, always cause amazement of tourists who have never seen this.

But besides excellent highways, in Finland many country ground roads, on which you need to be extremely cautious. Some farmers even collect flee wheels wheels.

Holidays in the cottage – this is the main direction of summer holiday. Houses are full throughout Finland, and pick up a good cottage is not difficult now, the benefit of them built a lot. But a good cottage, even a luxury class, it is not always a good place. Good place to pick up harder.

Guests of Finland want to see the smooth of the lake through the trunks of the pine allors all the time of rest, breathe fresh forest air and not hear the outsided sounds of civilization. Who wants to rent a cottage, come and admire the pulp and processing plant on the other shore of the lake? Nick! Places need to know!

An important attribute of summer holidays are all sorts of summer kitchens, places for grill. You must pay attention to it! Dinner cooked in air is always tastier.

Live painting on the wall. In the Finnish cottages, artificial paintings are not particularly loved, large windows open such types that no artist is capable of passing better.

The boat is at every cottage in Finland! Without a boat there will be no holiday in the summer. Running boat on the shore of the lake – the desired addition to any summer holiday.

Of course, these magnificent northern landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. One solid blue!

Finland – an agricultural country and tourists curious to observe the life of a simple Finnish farmer. Farms are harmoniously inscribed in their environment. Here is such Finnish Tuscany.

By the way, you can shoot, from such a landscape there is a calm and comfort that, too, in the piggy bank of the pluses of the soul. Sometimes you just stay on the car and start taking pictures – well, beautiful!

Country roads are married to the well-groomed fields, and a traveler’s gaze opens a large open-air museum. One day from your holiday can be devoted to such trips – relax among such village idylls.

Everything is ready for an environmentally friendly crop.

Birds for Finns more than just birds! Without birds unthinky north. Birds are waiting in the spring with hope, they are preparing places, tens of thousands of new birdhouses are attached to the trees, happily meet the caravans of birds who are friends to the north, the birds are friends, and they are not afraid of people, go down on the fields near the farms, are recruited, recruited forces. All birds feel comfortable in these fields.

Before you beautifully watch the cranes, how much dignity in birds and greatness. How little we still know about them.

Here, in Finland, many specially equipped places to observe birds. Tower, binoculars, special places where you can see birds, watch their lives. Excellent hobby and adults and children.

Often cottages are near the farmers, where families with children can not only buy milk and meat, but also to acquaint their children with animals. Do not have time to start taking pictures as non-PUB inhabitants of farms immediately show curiosity to you. You can stroke, you can watch for a long time.

Look at you with calm, passing the general mood of this country. By the way, in Finland there is its own breed of horses. Farmers are breeding horses and for learning horseback riding, doing in this direction as an addition to the general business.

Drank rolio milk? Here it is born here. Udder from cows heavy from milk, even specially supported. Cow clean, dairy, graze in the fields and give delicious and healthy milk.

And live cows here in such "Klevah" – clean farms, where the entrance is prohibited.

Sad looks on curious.

So far now the farm life is the average man in the middle, which is difficult without knowledge to say what kind of building?

Farmers – the people of hardworking, chatting them once: go and always have something busy. Farmer on all hands master! We talked to him, he has a large engineering. Here you can show your children literally all agricultural machines. They will be very interesting. Generally, modern rural tourism with such a city deficiency of knowledge in this matter for urban residents – the most!

In Finland, everything is concerned with farming and farm, everything is very somehow pure! Marvelous.

This ten-year-old Finnish guy on vacation works on the tractor, he has no time to play computer games, and the boy knows that the case of fathers and grandfathers will continue only he. It was the peasant grip that caused admiration. In its working overalls, he was leisurely and alone. It was very surprising to meet this hardworking guy, next to which we felt somewhat awkward. This is one of those who will replace the outgoing Finnish farmers.

Finnish emerald spaces, it breathes easily and freely.

Everywhere there is a master hand. Everything is clean, everything is ready.

So beautifully lies a freshly joined grass in white bales.

Sometimes you just amazed, how beautiful the north, which kind of paints.

Sunsets in summer long and cozy, the evenings are long, and the nights are white.

If the nozzle is cool, you can always melt the firebox and get to warm up, or simply you can melt for comfort. Firewood to the fireplace should always be included in the price of the cottage rental. It must be remembered!

Here is another cozy house in an incredibly beautiful place among the tall pines, where the resin smells. Let’s look closer.

View from the balcony of the second floor. The photo is clearly visible, what is the distance from the cottage to the lake – hand.

Pines! Trees on the territory of the cottage whole forest, but at the same time, they do not overshadow the review – there are so many lights around!

Terraces. Their finns try to make big! Here you can relax, drink coffee or beer in the morning after the sauna, sit, from here the sunset is visible. Here on the terrace, breathing clean pine air, you can truly estimate the rest time.

Summer holiday in Finland

Summer kitchen or, as the grill is called, is also an important component of rest.

View of the lake. Large windows are something that needs to north.

Boat, repeat, – Mandatory attribute of recreation!

Water in Finland lakes, mostly drinking. In clean drinking water daily bathing, well, where it is possible? Fish caught here, unusually delicious. For fisteners of fishing – just convertible opportunity to get a lot of pleasures.

Passed mushroom rain, multicolor rainbow, warm, saturated with oxygen air, excellent cool on the lake.

We sail onto the boat from the shore, and completely different pictures open. Here and our house on the shore!

Swim and see how many different cottages along the shore.

It seems that somewhere in the sky you are flying: the sky is reflected in the stroit of the lake and, if it were not for the spray from the cheerful and narrow forest belt, then in general it would be possible to dissolve in the sky.

Even from fishing distracted, just not to break away from such beauty!

Very, very, very long sunsets. For people from the south, it is so unusual that it seems that time slows down.

Only swans dilute the wonderful silence of the lake.

Who ever watched the swan at low height flies over the lake? It is unreal cool.

Well, okay, romance end, the sun is almost a village, and you need to think about the evening ear. Little Finnish secret: catch the pike at the very last moment of sunset the sun, in the mostst – the very last – grabs immediately!

The catch is not great, but quickly and in the ear will.

Latest rims of sunset.

White night comes.

Swan flies in a white night, and the feeling that the words of the old song will be afraid.

White Night
Slended silently on the rocks.
White, white, white night disappear.
And do not understand,
Whether the lake fell into the sky,
And do not understand,
Whether the lake is floating in the sky!

Summer holiday in Finland

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