Summer holiday in Egypt – pros and cons

Let’s try to summarize the summer minuses and summer advantages of rest in this country, focusing exclusively on «Seasonal factor». That is, without touching the advantages and disadvantages of rest in Egypt, we speak only about summer.

Summer disadvantages…

In the summer in Egypt is fry, it is well known. It happens, the thermometer column rises above +45°With in shady. However, it should be considered that the resort areas where the most tourists visiting Egypt prefers to relax, are located on the Red Sea coast, where the dry tropical desert climate, softened by the sea breeze. This means that summer +30°With in Moscow can deliver you more problems than those same +40°C in Sharma or Hurghada.

The specifics of Egypt’s attractions are such that many of them are in a desert or semi-desert area (for example, the pyramids in Giza), and in the summer, it is clear, there is usually a severe heat. This, of course, serious minus.

However, this circumstance can be taken into account yet when choosing the tour or excursion program in place. The most, perhaps, a suitable summer tour for unusual for the heat of ours is climbing the mountain of Sinai, with a visit to the desert monastery of Saint Catherine. With this choice of heat will not be a hindrance, because the ascent on Sinai begins at night to give tourists the opportunity to meet the dawn on top. Temperature at night on top usually does not exceed +23°C, so the climb will be quite comfortable.

Also, the summer minuses include the fact that summer in Egypt is considered to be a low season from our tour operators, that is, the summer tours to Egypt are not very popular, because the number of flights here within these months is reduced, and the less flights, the higher the price of air tickets and the less burning tours …

… and summer pluses…

Experts argue that underwater sea fauna in the northern hemisphere in all wealth and beauty can be seen only in the period from June to October. And the maximum probability of meeting the coast of the Red Sea Fish-hammer, giant turtles, skates and morn and other maritime exotions falls on July-August.

At the same time, a five-meter whale shark will visit the Egyptian shores – Lacrecom (and quite safe) Object for lover of underwater filming.

Summer holiday in Egypt - pros and cons

Divers of all over the world preferred to visit Egypt in the summer. They are attracted not only the abundance of sea fauna, but also ideal for scuba diving water temperature in the Red Sea at this time of year – On average, 26 s.

A peculiar advantage of summer holidays in Egypt for some ours can be considered a relatively small number of our tourists. It is no secret that many ours do not really like to rest in hotels crowded with compatriots.

Well, perhaps, the main plus is an unreal for the warm sea during this period in Egypt. In such a sea, you can spend all day long. This also takes the lack of winds that often annoy tourists during the winter months.

… in sum give…

… still plus. Rest in Egypt in the summer can be bright, rich and useful even taking into account some seasonal minuses. Just about them should be known and take into account when planning your recreation, along with undoubted pros.

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