Summer holiday in Albania

Albania – a country where every tourist can find rest to your taste. After all, the state is located on Balkan Peninsula, Therefore, there are historical memos, a mountain range, where you can enjoy an extreme sport, rivers and two more seas.


In Albania, a good rest can be both budgetary and rich tourist. Here are inexpensive, taxis, buses and trolleybuses often go to anywhere in the country. Those who want to quickly and comfortably move around the country can rent a car for any budget, the main thing is to have a driver’s license and passport. And for several dollars you can provide a cool and comfortable weekend.


In Albania in every city there are many five-star hotels and hostels for all tourists. Also lovers of nature and picnics can stay on camping in the Alps and enjoy the morning gourney, quiet evening, starry sky and a relaxed atmosphere.

Recreation and sights

In the summer, you can relax both married couples and people who love to actively and extremely spend time.

In the Ionian Sea bay Beach Ksamil. Pure white sand, warm and transparent blue sea attract many tourists. There are free sun beds on the beach, there are practically no waves in the summer, rescuers are constantly located, thanks to such an atmosphere, you can relax to relax, swim in the sea and not worry about anything.


The Adriatic Sea not only attracts with its beauty and cleanliness, but also mysteriousness. At a depth of 36 meters is sank the Italian hospital ship. Diving and history lovers have the opportunity to consider the liner from all sides: to visit the decks, see the unusual residents of the ship and make some interesting photos.

Pirate cave

There is an antique cave in the Ionian Sea. It is interesting for the fact that it is located in the depths of the cliff, its height is 60 meters. According to legend, earlier in the cave hid his ship and gold Pirate Khayshi Ali.

Summer holiday in Albania

Natural attractions were examined by historians and treasures and did not find it, but now you can safely swim among the unusual rocks and enjoy the real beauty.

Canyon Osumi

Ancient landmark of Albania – Canyon Osumi. Its length is about 26 km, among the canyon proceeds the shallow eponymous river. Here tourists can try Water Hayking. Tourists should go upstream not along the shore, but in water, bypassing the stones and the rapid flow. Interestingly, at the end of the journey, travelers will have the opportunity to jump from the rock in the rabbish mountain river.

Lake Blue Eye

In Albania among the Alps there is ancient and crystal clear lake – blue eyes. Nourishes the lake the only underground source. Here you can plunge into cool water and look at the unusual mountains that surround a small lagoon.

Albania – country of amazing beauty and unusual sights. In this country, you can relax a good budgetary and rich tourist, married couples with children and extreme and exciting travel lovers.

Summer holiday in Albania

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