Summer Chill: how to save from the heat

Every year, from the end of June at the beginning of August, a special heat comes to Central Asia. The period when solar heat becomes especially fermented here "Saraton" or "Chill" (from Persian – "Fourty"). At this time, about forty days, the white sun buffels, until, finally, he does not come to change the season of the August and September sun commerce. About forty days that lasts "Chill", The air in Uzbekistan warms up to the highest temperatures per year, in separate regions (Navoi, Bukhara and Surkhandarya region) reaching +55 – +65 degrees Celsius in the sun.

Arriving at this time to the country tourists, with surprise look at how the local population consumes hot green tea. Not deciding to repeat this, but more guided by its own logic, visitors are resorted to cold painted drinks, beer or mineral water, and then with even greater surprise note that you want to drink even more, and the locals who drove hot by that time Drinking, bliss from retreating thirst. All right: the local monastery has its own charter and their own rules for survival.

And although traditionally, the local population living in Uzbekistan’s oases (for example, in Samarkand) was escaped from the strongest summer heat characteristics of his dwelling: Pakhovoy walls (from clay with straw or reed) houses lined in the courtyards, overlapping courtyard vineyard, and aryo – The tea system (now an abandoned system of street channels and small swimming pools in the courtyards and quarters), creating a local microclimate, for a long time there has been a certain culture of survival in summer heat in the region:

Summer Chill How to Wanted from Heat
  • Do not walk under the sun with a uncoated head;
  • In clothing, use light tones, reflecting the sunlight, and the clothes itself wearing a free of cotton or flax;
  • More often to consume specially cooked sour milk ("Chakka" – in Samarkand) and basil (in local culture called "Reikhon");
  • Drinking perfectly tonic hot green tea or diluted in cooled boiled water "Chakku" with greens (local okroshka option);
  • To support the cardiovascular system, there is a mulberry, apricot and raisins;
  • If you cannot avoid access to the open sun, put a wet handkerchief on the shoulders (gauze);
  • In the mornings and evenings, cool the air by watering your yard.

If you arrive, or are going to visit Uzbekistan in "chill", Try not to walk on the sun from 12 to 16 hours (at this time, the sun is most active), do not resort to alcohol, beer, coffee and even carbonated drinks in the heat itself – it will only strengthen thirst and dehydration. Drink (in the shade) hot green tea or at least cool non-carbonated mineral water.

Summer Chill How to Wanted from Heat

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