Summer capital of the Cote d’Azur

Cannes – Once this magic Mediterranean city with an ideal climate, "star" French Riviera, the capital of world cinema and a chic resort was a simple village.

Cannes founded the Romans in honor of the victory over Fosyans (Marseille’s forefathers). Then the village was called Ezitis. This is one of the versions of the origin of the city, on another legend, Marseille built a fort on the Hill Kastrum Marsellium, but the locals have renamed it to Kanois. The name Cannes first meets in official chronicles in 1619. Etymology of the Words of Cannes is such – "top point". For its centuries-old history of Cannes, the invasion of the tribes of the barbarians, and Saracin, who came "fought" Wine and gold. Through the city held troops in Italy, France and Spain. Until the XV century, Cannes was part of the possessions of the colover graphs, in 1480 he finally found himself in the hands of the French kings.

Cannes, like the entire Cote d’Azur, was aside from revolutions. And it was at that time that Cannes began to take first tourists. Then Madmoiselle Blanche de Senval bought the Saint-Outorate-selling monastery sold. This new one "Primary" In the chapel opened the salon, and the bell tower turned into a stable. In 1815, Napoleon, returning from the island of Elba, landed in Zhuan-le-Pen, and then stopped in Cannes. The city did not give him a welcoming reception. Residents of Cannes were royalists. 1834 is considered to be the present birth cann. Then Lord Henry Bronem, UK Treasury Minister brought his daughter Eleonora-Louise to Italy. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for Cannes, the King of Piedmont closed the border with France because of the cholera epidemic. Forced to return to the halfway point, the Lord stood in Cannes. Fascinated by the city and the hospitality of its inhabitants, the Lord decided to build a residence here. Two years later, in a small port town has gathered all the lights of London for the opening of Villa "Eleanor". Within a few years the town completely transformed. New neighborhoods were built with villas and palaces, and turned to the city of Cannes aristocrats.

In 1837, the British general Taylor built a castle in Saint-Georges, in 1838 work began on the construction of the port and the promenade along the coast, known as the Croisette. In 1848, Alexandra Skripitsina, the wife of the French consul in Moscow, fell in love with Cannes and follow her here reached and the our aristocracy. In 1860, when Nice was annexed to France, the commune of Cannes joined the Department of Alpes-Maritimes. In 1863 the railway line from Paris to Lyon via the Mediterranean came to Cannes-sur-Mer, thanks to this, in 1870, rested for 19 thousand in Cannes. tourists! Since 1878 Cannes gained a reputation "climatic resort", here treated many diseases – anemia, rickets, nervous disorders, rheumatism, chronic diseases, tuberculosis. In 1883 it was discovered procedural hydrotherapy, steam baths. The city was divided into three areas – seaside, toning area and relaxation area.

Cannes took the Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette, and other distinguished guests. Cannes also become a popular winter resort. By the end of the XIX century every winter resort town visited by more than 3 thousand families. Cannes inhabitants bravely discover new types of holiday at sea. In April 1859 the British knight James de Kolkoun, plays host to the villa Croix des Gardes Prince Eugene Tripet-Skripitsina Leopold Bucket, owner of the villa and Victor Monfleri Bechar, industrialist, organized a club, whose purpose was to facilitate the development of a taste for the sea trip. In 1860, the Society of Regat Cannes was born, in 1867 – the Cannes Yacht Club, in 1891 the Union of Yachtsmen Cannes was formed. After World War I, many first persons of the Kingdoms of Europe visited Cannes, and the regatta who passed here were called the royal name.

Arriving in Cannes and tasteing a variety of local cuisine, it can be assumed that the local population felt so always. However, before the arrival of the British, the food of the locals did not differ in diversity – fish, goat cheese, a small selection of fruit, wine, rice, olives. All this was explained by the fact that fresh water was taken in small springs, which six months per year. Such a state of affairs did not suit the British at all, who could not present their lives without flowers and lawns. The problem was quickly resolved when the Water Delivery Company was created, the Siagn Channel was built, which to this day supplies the city with water. Flowers and plants appeared in Cannes – orange, lemon trees, African palm trees, eucalyptus from Australia, Yukki from Japan. In 1880, a native of Australia Mimosa appeared in Cannes. These unknown flowers began to breed in Cannes and from January to March they supplied to all major cities of France and Europe.

In 1864, a grand hotel was built, the most prestigious palace of that era with 150-room and a facade of 70 meters long overlooking the sea. In 1910, the Karlton hotel was built in Cannes, the most famous hotel in the world, in the luxurious apartments of which rested to know the richest business people in Europe. Casino Palm Beach in Cannes is also known worldwide. The opening of the casino was allowed in France only at the end of the XIX century. The first casino opened in 1868 in Monaco, Princes, Millionaires and Artists of Europe came here. In 1893, a casino opened in the city of Grass, in 1907. In Bosoles, in 1914 in Nice there were already 5 casinos. Built in 1928 in Cannes Casino Palm Beach saw many celebrities – Chet Rothschilds, Andre Citroen, King Edward VIII, Winston Churchill, Artists Jean Domarga, Wang Duzen, Writer Tristan Bernara, Maurice Chevalle. Between 1930 and 1939. Costumented holidays were organized in Palm Beach, who were Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich and other celebrities.

On September 1, 1939, the first international film festival opened in Cannes, the next day he was closed due to the beginning of World War II. Only in 1946, Cannes really tasted the title of the capital of cinema. Once a small coastal town became the city of billionaires. In 1948, in the salons of the hotel, Carlton held important negotiations between Robert Shuman and Sforza Count on EU Creation. In 1950, Elizabeth Taylor was noticed on Cannes beaches in the arms of his wife Konrad Hilton. Famous French writer lived in Cannes from famous people, author "Carmen", Prospere Merim, then occupied the position of the General Inspector of Historical Monuments. Close to the imperial house, he achieved a lot for the city, in particular, the construction of the railway, the construction of the channel drainage, and also contributed to the popularization of Cannes among the French senior society. In 1891, Emil Zola stayed in the Grand Hotel, in the twentieth century – Picabius artists, Pablo and Olga Picasso, Jeanne and Fernan, Jean Cockeux, Actresses Breast Bardo, Milen Demonimo and many others.

So what we see cannes today, it became only at the end of the XIX century – California hotels and Kroi Hotel, the windows of the apartments of which are sealed, casino, English Croisette. For many, Cannes are associated with a croisette with luxury hotels, restaurants and shops on one side and a sandy beach, a blue warm sea on the other. It is known that the Croisette walk can cost more than the average weekly holiday package. With the onset of darkness, the croisette is drowning in the illumination. The famous Palace of Festivals is located on the embankment, in which exhibitions, shows, concerts are held at normal. Nearby – the famous stars alley. The most pleasant time of the day has holidays – Lunch time. Dozens of restaurants are located on the promenade croisette. Sitting at the table can be observed for yachts, cruising around the islands of Leren. Special influx of holidaymakers and high guests is felt during the film festival, when the city is flooded with actors, paparazzi, fans looking for on beaches of your favorite stars, everything is saved by the posters of films, in restaurants, private parties are held at Villach. The population of the city is small – 70 thousand. residents. Most – Tourists, Movie Stars, Directors, Exotic People.

Old Town Sceu – really, the oldest part of the city, located on the hill. A typical Mediterranean atmosphere is reigning here, somewhat different from the screaming luxurious embankment of Cannes. Mont-Chevalier Tower, Fortified Walls and Church of 12-16 centuries Notre Dame de L’Complerance – Corner of the Middle Ages. The streets of the quarter are understood and wrapped the hill, from the top of which the wonderful appearance opens. In the western part of the croisette between the Palace of Festivals and the Beach, there is a shady park, with carousers and entertainment for children and adults, in the eastern part – the new port of Kanto, there is a large garden of Alexander III nearby. Restaurants in Cannes at every step, it is believed that anyone can find a place "by pocket", However, it is quite clear that the number of expensive restaurants is incommensurable more institutions for the middle class. Of course, first of all, it is worth trying dishes from seafood. Fish restaurants are located on the Saint-Pierre seafront (in the western portion) and on Felix Fora Street. Cafe terraces are located on the Croisette waterfront. On St. Antoine Street, too, there is a cozy location. It is believed that in Cannes there are only one restaurant with a beautiful view of the harbor of Cannes, the sea, the island of Lerin and Cape Etherel. This is a restaurant mediterranean (Mediterranean Sea) on the 7th floor of the sophilate. From any table opens a beautiful view, but the best – from the round room. Air Cannes Impritated Basilica Aromas, Olives, High and Traditional Kitchen.

Summer capital of the Cote d'Azur

Cannes are also known for shopping "top class". If in Nice Shopping rather a business, then Cannes – Paradise for lovers Leave a significant part of savings in the store. Here are the most gorgeous jewelry boutiques, shops "Haute Couture" and art galleries. On the street Antibes there are shops of all types and cinemas, on a croisette boulevard – exclusive clothing stores and galleries, jewelry stores. On the pedestrian street Mainadier, in parallel with the port, there are markets and food shops where fruits, vegetables, fish and local products are sold. Season of discounts in stores begins in July. For many, this is a kind of sport – you need to get there at the very beginning of the sale. Funny competition happens every summer – which part of the riviera, or more precisely, which state will open it first – Monaco or France. Last year, Monaco and the Department of France Alps Maritim decided to open the season at the same time. This year, Monaco opened the winter season of discounts on January 2, while the merchants of Alps Maritim had to wait until January 8, the day, when the discovery was appointed throughout France. This summer Monaco opened the season for two days later than the rest of the azure coast. The season will last until August 15 and Monaco, and in France. On the sale it is worth hurrying! Having your own or rented a car (for example, Rollsroys or Ferrari), or a motorcycle, from Cannes can be traveled to Nice, Saint-Tropez, Marseille, Grass, Toulon, from here not far to the Alps. From Cannes walk trains to Monaco, to Italy. Cannes is thirty kilometers from Nice. The surroundings of Cannes are as attractive as the city itself. 6 kilometers is the center of pottery craft Valoris, town, sawing Picasso, Cocteau and Jean Mare. A little further than 7 kilometers in Mugen opens a beautiful view of the drowning edge, there are many galleries and a stunning collection of photos Picasso. The capital of perfumery, the Grass is 16 km from Cannes, as well as Bio, the center of glass production, in Paul-de-Vans you will enjoy the medieval architecture of streets and fortress walls, in Antibes 10 km from Cannes, the ancient fortifications, Picasso Museum, Marine Park "Marelend", where you can see dolphins, taway and sea lions. An hour’s ride from Cannes can already ride skiing, nearby is the most small principality of Europe Monaco.

Next to Cannes is the town of Antibes, which is the second city of the Department after Nice and Cannes. Primorsky Landscape Antibes, with the biggest length in France (25 km), is considered one of the most beautiful on the coast. Here are 48 beaches for every taste – stony, sandy, rocky shores, beaches for family and outdoor activities. Between Cannes and Antibes is a car museum created in 1984. More than 100 cars of Bugatti, Ferrari, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Collection of sports marks from 1904 are collected here. On the island of St. Margherit, called by the name of the Holy, who, according to the legend, helped the townspeople to fight the epidemic of the plague, can be inspecting the Roman tanks 1 in. N.NS., Tower Semaphore XVIII century, Fort Royal State Prison, in which in the XVII century was concluded "man in iron mask". Here is the rich archaeological collection, the collection of frescoes of antique artists of the island. The approach to the city fortifications of Antibes in Grimaldi Castle is the Picasso Museum, in which 181 paintings and sketches of the master, as well as 76 ceramics items donated by Picasso Museum. The museum also presents an exceptional collection of contemporary art, collected by the founder and keeper of the museum. On the top floor there is a master of Picasso.

Cannes are called the city of cultural pluralism. The city is eclectic, the reasons for this we find in its history – here were the Romans, and the British Chancellor, and Napoleon. Also eclectic and its cultural life. Cote d’Azur is famous not only for its wonderful climate, but also interesting festivals and holidays for different taste.

Cannes Film Festival in the presentation does not need. This year, on July 29, a jazz festival will be held in Nice, from July 12 to July 20, the 43rd Festival Antibes will be held in Zhuan-le-Pen, in Antib-Juan-le-Pen in Bastion Saint-Andre from June 21 to October 31, an exhibition was opened In the Museum of Archeology, in Menton, an exhibition of the mask history was opened in the Museum of the History of Primitive Society until August 25, the exhibition was working at the Grass in the Perfume Museum until September 20 "Cote d’Azur’s eyes with his artists".

In Cannes from July 19 to July 22, a beach festival will be held. Entertainment – how much is your heart, and if you do not forget about the sea, the sun and unforgettable landscapes, to resist the trip to Cannes is simply impossible!

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