Summer adventures in the Northern Kingdom

Before you go on the journey, carefully examine the list of festivals and other cultural events to fill the trip even more vivid impressions!

Details "one of…"

One of the most famous fjords of Norway – Hardanger Fjord is considered to be the third in the world and second in the country. Its length is 179 km. It is surrounded by rocky mountains up to 1.5 km high, with many waterfalls. From the east side, its Folgefon Glacier is abolished, the territory of which is declared by the National Park in 2005. The region is also famous for fruit gardens.

On the shores of Fjord there are many historical hotels. In Roshendel, at the foot of Folgefonna, Baron Ludwig Rosencranz built Rushendal Castle in 1660-1665., known now as "The smallest castle of Scandinavia". Tourist routes on climbing on the glacier begin from Yondala.

In Lofthus, it is interesting to stay in the historic hotel Ullensvang on the shores of Hardanger Fjord. Nina and Edward Grieg loved. Preserved a house where the composer worked. There is a museum of rare cars.

Near the village of Uthe Hardanger Fjord is divided into two main sleeves: Eid-Fjord and Sir Fjord. On the east side from them on the largest mountain plateau in Europe, the Hardangervidda National Park (1981) is located. In the region, you can see the largest waterfalls of the country: Viringsfossen (182 m, the largest cascade – 145 m), Twitafossen (103 m) and the lotphone (165 m).

The People’s Museum of Hardanger opened in Utra, where the cultural and historical traditions of the Hardanger Fjord region. In the summer, folklore holidays are often arranged. This is a little of what can be seen by traveling in the Hardanger Fjord area.

"Pearl" Rogaland

Rogaland – the most southern province of the Fjords region, where the most important heads of Norwegian history were written. It was here that the first migrants arrived when the glacier retreated. It was here that the main battle of Vikings for the union of Norway took place. Today, the main cities of the province are Stavanger, Sandnes (Sannes, Sandnes) and Haugesund.

Picturesque Sandnes, located just 15 km south of Stavanger, – the most "bicycle" Country city, because here not only ride bicycles, but also produce them. Therefore, it is completely noncomplished that from July 8 to July 11, 2010, an impressive bicycle motocross of the BMX European Championship will take place in Sandnes. In addition, July 23-24, 2010 in the city will host a sports festival "BlinkFestivalen 2010", during which spectacular summer biathlon competitions, running skiing, hockey on casters and. Is this not a reason to visit the city?

You can stay in Sandnes in one of the hotels of a small hotel chain Kronengruppen: Kronen Gaard Hotel, Hotel Sverre, Thon Hotel Sandnes, St Svithun Hotel, Gamlav?Rket, BYRKJDALSTUNET and J?Ren Hotel. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere and traditions. An important place here also occupies high-quality meals: the chefs pay special attention to the preparation of original dishes from local environmentally friendly ingredients. Another curious barcode – culinary courses are held in hotels "Art and Food" and various tastings. All these hotels operates FJORD PASS discount card.

Originally from childhood

Love for Norway is from childhood. The first impressions of this country we got, reading a book "Adventures of Captain Lunner" – Humorous Roman of the Soviet writer Andrei Nekrasova. For the first time she was published in the magazine "Pioneer" In 1937, in abbreviated form, and a full-fledged book edition was published in 1939.

Summer adventures in the Northern Kingdom

Roman parodicts popular in the 30s of the 20th century stories about sailors. The main hero of the book – Captain Christopher Bonifatyevich Lunner – Marine Analogue of Baron Münhghausen. This brave captain decides to make a world tour of the sailing yacht with a crew of two people. So, Lrangel visits Norwegian fjords, where the protein leaves the burning forest, and having accepted the SOS signal to the sick tooth – the sinking sailboat of Norwegians not far from Stavanger.

Despite the charity of the characters and humor in the narration, there is a lot of truth in the fairy tale. We read in the text: "… And now on the fifth day, at dawn, the fog dissipates, and on the right side we have opened the shores of Norway. It would be possible to pass by, but where? I commanded: "Right on board!". My senior assistant lasted the steering wheel cool right, and three hours later the chain of our anchor looked in a beautiful and quiet fjord. You have not been to fjords, young man? In vain! Be sure to visit if … fjords, or schkers, in other words, are, you know, such narrow bays and coves, confusing, like a chicken footprint, and around the rocks, sprinkled with cracks, which caused moss, high and impregnable. In the air there is a solemn tranquility and indirect silence. Beauty extraordinary. There is an amazing echo in fjords. Yes one echo! There, the Bath, fabulous places and fabulous occurs. … We go between the cliffs along the path, and the further go, the striking the surrounding nature. On the trees of proteins, birds are some: "Chick-Chirik", And under the feet, dry buccias are cracking, and it seems: now the bear will come out and zarling. Immediate berries, strawberries. I know, I have never seen such strawberries. Walker. ".

The novel is emphasized and the hospitality of Norwegians: "Came back to Norway, in the city of Stavanger. These sailors turned out to be noble people and accepted us great. I was placed in a better hotel, yacht at my own expense painted the most expensive paint. Yes, that there is a yacht, – protein and those not forgotten: the documents were discharged on them, issued as a cargo, and then come and ask: "Than order to feed your cute animals. In general, you need to say a pleasant country. And the people are good there, such, you know, a quiet people, friendly, good-natured".

Relying on a specialist

Traveling in Norway, especially in the fjord region, FJORD Tours will help. Founded in 1982 and having an office in Bergen, it offers travel programs and services both in the domestic and international market. Her Most Famous and Popular Products: FJORD PASS – the most extensive discount hotel map in Norway and "Norway In A Nutshell" ("Norway in miniature") – the most popular circular tour in Norway.

  • Heiangerger Fjord
  • Panorama on Lyus Fjord
  • Mountain expensive trollstigen

In the summer of 2010, FJORD Tours began booking various offers on active recreation on the most popular tourist routes. For example, kayaking, fjord safari, hiking with a guide and much more. In other words, these are additional recreation opportunities for all tourists who dream of "Careful adventures" Outdoors. These services are offered within tours: "Norway in miniature", "Sogne Fjord in Miniature" and "Hardanger in miniature".

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