Sumatra Island in Indonesia &# 8211; Heritage of tropical forest

Therefore, it can relax here both lovers of sunbathing and tourists who love to admire unusual plants, animals and landscapes. Sumatra Island &# 8211; one of the largest islands not only indonesia, but also around the world. It is famous for an endless coastline with black sand, the ruins of ancient temples and amazing nature, untouched man’s hand. For those who are looking for exotic, dreams of a measured and unhurried rest on the ocean, a trip to Sumatra, where the heritage of the rainforest has been preserved, will be an excellent solution.

Why Satrara &# 8211; This is the perfect vacation in Indonesia?

Traveling to Indonesia will be a fascinating and unusual adventure for the whole family. Holidays on the island of Sumyra is distinguished by several advantages:

  • Low housing prices &# 8211; Remove the modest number can be 3 dollars per day;
  • Cafes and markets are near the beaches &# 8211; No need to use bikes;
  • Few insects &# 8211; mosquitoes are, but they are a bit;
  • Winter ripen delicious exotic fruits &# 8211; Durian is famous for all Indonesia;
  • The population is talking in English;
  • In this calm paradise place, entertainment, such as a visit to the eco farm, feeding orangutans, trekking in the jungle.

On Sumatra safe and comfortable, although in recent years it is all the lively. Locals and foreign tourists chose these places, especially many of them on weekends.

Tropical Forest Heritage Sumatra &# 8211; 3 Main Park Indonesia

Tropical Islands &# 8211; This is the natural attraction, which is worth seeing, has not yet been late, because urbanization does not stand still, and about the ecological catastrophe in the world they say for a very long time. Ideal parks Sumatra:

  • Bukit-Barisan;
  • Sumatra Island in Indonesia; Heritage of tropical forest
  • Kerinchi sealad;
  • Gunang Lesber.

All three are included in the zone, which is known as the heritage of the rainforest Sumatra. They are not only very beautiful, but also important to UNESCO. The area of ​​all houses posted on the territory of the parks is 25 thousand. kv. KM. The area is home to 50 percent of plant species that are found throughout Sumatra.

Park Bukit Barisan on Sumatra

Bukit-Barisan is a very rocky area, one side of which "meets" with the sea waves, and the other relies to the mountain ranges. From the sky he resembles a strip, a width of 45 kilometers and a length of 350 kilometers. In it, tourists can see the beauty of various forests, namely mountain, mangrove, low-lying tropical and coastal forests. Its territory is home to 5 hundred Sumatran elephants, rhinos, tigers and striped rabbits that are little known and after a while they can completely disappear.

Experienced tourists advise to go to the Cuba Peraau waterfall placed in the forest and to thermal sources (located in the territory of the SUVO). Objects are not only a spectacular effect, but also good health opportunities.

Kerinchi Selas Park on Sumatra

Kerinchi Selas are great for people who love mountainous terrain, birds and wonder plants. Its main territory is the slopes of the mountains. It is here that Mount Kerinchi rises, which is recognized by the largest volcanic in Indonesia. She managed to grow to 3,800 m. What can you see here?

  • Tigers living in vivo &# 8211; Over 150 animals;
  • Malay Tapirov and Bears;
  • exotic leopards;
  • Over 370 bird species;
  • The largest flower in the world &# 8211; Rafflesey Arnold, whose scarlet flowers have a diameter of up to 1 meter.

It’s better to go here in January, when there are few precipitation, there are no haze in the park, the most colorful pictures are obtained.

Park Gunang Lester on Sumatra

Another truly unique fleet is a Hunang Lesber, included in the forest heritage Sumatra. It is located in the north of the island, where you can see and visit:

  • 11 mountain peaks reaching a height of 3,460 meters;
  • Orangutanov Reserve, where elephants, cats, rhinos also live;
  • Rehabilitation center of wild monkeys in the jungle, where animals feed.

There are really lovers of beautiful nature, tourists who want to relax exotic, fascinating and interesting to this park.

How to get to the parks Sumatra?

National Forest Parks on Sumatra Island &# 8211; These are popular attractions, so local authorities have done everything possible to get here easily:

  1. In Gunag Lieber You can come by bus from Med to Bukit Lavang, overcome about 90 km., Also, they run minivans from the terminal Belavant. Travel time &# 8211; about 3 hours;
  2. In Kerinchi sealad We will be able to come from Padanga where local airplanes arrive. Next you have to move on cars about 6 hours, distance &# 8211; Almost 300 km.;
  3. In Bukit-Barisan Tourists get a bus departing from Lively, overcoming only 6 km., It’s better to come here in a dry season.

Holidays on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia &# 8211; This is the opportunity to personally see and touch the Great Heritage of the Tropical Forest, Wildlife, which has been preserved in pristine. Come to Indonesia, and you will feel all the unusual holiday in this country!

Sumatra Island in Indonesia; Heritage of tropical forest

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