Sultan Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca in Morocco

Casablanca is located one of the largest and most unusual mosques in the world. It’s a mosque hassana II. This is one of the main religious structures in Morocco.

You ask why she is unusual? First, it was built at all of the Muslims, but the French. Construction itself carried out a boyjiz company, and the chief architect of the building was also a Frenchman and not Muslim on the religion of Michel Pinso.

The mosque began to build back in 1986 and planned discovery by 1989. She is named after King Morocco, and the builders were in a hurry to coincide the opening to the 60th anniversary. But, of course, did not have time. The building was ambitious not only in size, but also in terms of work on the finishing of interior.

Hasan II Mosque is the highest religious construction in the world due to its minaretu high height of more than 200 meters. And, of course, this is the highest mosque in the world.

She is also the seventh in the world in terms of believers. Up to 24,000 people are placed in the prayer hall, and on the square near the mosque can pray even to 80,000. About the inner championship worth mentioning separately. Craftsmen from all Morocco worked on this part of the construction. There are marble floors and chandeliers that were produced under the order Italian masters.

The building of the Khasan II mosque is also innovative. First, it was built with the possible earthquakes, it is intertwined. Recall that on the territory of Morocco there are Atlas Mountains and similar natural disasters there are. Moroccans still remember the destructive earthquake in the city of Agadir.

Sultan Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca in Morocco

In addition, the heating system conducted a heating system in the floor, and the roof can push if necessary. Learn about what purpose these opportunities were provided by designers, we failed.

Casablanca climate is quite stable. And if the lifting roof can be useful in the heat, then heated floors seems unnecessary.

In addition to all this, a special powerful spotlight is installed in the mosque, which creates a bright ray of light towards Mecca. To learn about the schedule of his work, we also failed. For praying inside the mosque in it, of course, there is no need. The direction for Mecca is indicated by a special "Wall Kibla". Probably the spotlight is made in case believers will be too many AZ outside the building.

And now good news. Tourists can enter the mosque, even if they do not confess Islam. Morocco is not so many mosques, the beauty of the internal decoration of which can see all.

Sultan Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca in Morocco

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