Suliman Mosque

When Constantinople fell and edit in it the Turks, many temples and churches were destroyed or rebuilt. Instead, they began to build a large number of mosques, each of which competed on the other in size and beauty . The second largest in the city was the Suliman Mosque.

Sultan Suleiman, who ruled in the 16th century, was a very progressive person. During his rule, Istanbul became one of the largest and developed cities in the world. By order of Sultan on the shore of the Bay of Golden Horn, a mosque was built. Implemented a project one of the best architects of MYMAN SINAR. They were built a huge mosque, which includes a school, hospital, library, bath. Mosque itself is a big, but elegant building.

The mosque has 4 minaret and 10 galleries. This is not a job, the number of minarets symbolizes the sequence of inheritance of the throne, and the gallery say that Sultan was a tenth ruler from a kind.

Suleiman Mosque Sights Istanbul Travel Guide

The dimensions of the mosque are impressive: the height of the central dome 53 meters. Surround dome 32 windows, through which inside the sunlight pours. In total, there are 138 windows in the mosque, which are made in the technique of stained glass and fill with an unusual radiance internally space. Contributes to the creation of a special atmosphere in the chapal hall and its interior decoration by snow-white marble. For perfect acoustics, innovation applied: hollow jugs were mounted in the walls.

The mosque can accommodate up to 10 thousand people, during the reign of Suleiman, it was the largest mosque. After the death of Sultan and his beloved spouse, they were buried in the eastern part of the mosque on a small cemetery in a family tomb.

Suleiman Mosque Sights Istanbul Travel Guide

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