Sukhumsky Cape and Lighthouse

In the southwestern part of the city traits are located Sukhumsky Cape and Lighthouse. The famous Sukhumsky Lighthouse made in France from the steel sheet on the leading company at the time «Ernest Couin». They brought him to the city of Sukhumi in 1864 and installed with strong screw piles.

Sukhumsky lighthouse built about 150 days. It rises above the level of cape on 37 locations, and the diameter of the lighting is 24 meters. In the inside of the Sukhumsky Lighthouse there is a spiral staircase made of cast iron and having 137 steps. Rising to Sukhumsky Lighthouse You can see the magnificent panorama of the new Athos and the Sukhuma himself. In 2000, the world famous Mayak interrupted its activities due to insufficient financing. But now he resumed reception of tourists. And working around the clock.

Sukhumsky Cape and Lighthouse Sights Sukhuma Travel Guide

In the Middle Ages, Sukhumi Cape was populated by an ancient Abkhaz tribe. Today Sukhumsky Cape – historical place, since it is here that there is a lighthouse, receiving foreign visitors. Currently, a residential array is built in the Mayak area.

Previously, a lamp operating on oil was installed on the lighthouse. A powerful lamp was installed on shift. However, in 1887, the Turks were taken by him, but after six months there was a new lantern in his place. And at present the lighthouse illuminates the path to the ships.

Sukhumsky Cape and Lighthouse Sights Sukhuma Travel Guide

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