Sukhum or Sukhumi – The capital of Abkhazia, its cultural and scientific center and at the same time one of the most attractive resorts of the Black Sea coast. Sukhum has long been possessing wonderful beaches, beautiful surroundings, a huge number of attractions. Tourism Iphrastructure reached a high level of development here: many institutions offer rest, treatment and various entertainment. Therefore, Sukhumi (the Georgian version of the pronunciation of Sukhuma) especially to the soul of sociable youth, business people and all connoisseurs of a comfortable and diverse pastime.

The city spread over the square of about 27 square kilometers and divided into four rivers: Basla, Humist, Kelasur, Sukhumka. Its central part of the coast itself. Here is a picturesque seaside boulevard with lush tropical vegetation. Significant Sukhum Square is occupied by the Botanical Garden and the Dendropark, where thousands of amazing plants from different parts are collected. The city is interesting for tourists also a large number of historical sites located from the center to the long surroundings, and the remains of the predecessor of Sukhum are resting at the bottom of the bay — The legendary ancient city of Dioscuria.

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What is interesting to see in Sukhumi?

Top Sights Sukhuma

Botanical Garden in Sukhumi

Sukhumsky Cape and Lighthouse

Babeva Bridge

Blagoveshchensky Cathedral Sukhum

Monkey nursery in Sukhumi

The ruins of the castle of Bagrata

Excavations of the Sukhumi Fortress of Doskuria

Sukhum: Excursions and Events

Sukhuma agencies offer such a variety of excursion routes that staying on vacation in the capital of Abkhazia, you get the opportunity to see the whole country. Availability of airport allows you to visit even the most difficult settlement in the entire Abkhazia using a helicopter — Alpine village Pshu. Pshu has a long and glorious history. Today there are only about 60 yards here. Locals, like hundreds of years ago, are hired by cattle breeding, hunting and fishing. Also the village is famous for the best mountain honey. Flying over picturesque gorges and snow vertices and acquaintance with the pristine beauty of the mountains no one leaves indifferent. The cost of the helicopter tour of 20 thousand rubles. Groups are serviced no more than 20 people.

The most popular excursion in Abkhazia is considered a ride to Lake Ricz, surrounded by high snowy peaks. This exciting one-day journey passes through the Bzibi River Gorge past the Bzybian Fortress, Hassan-Abaa Watchtower, Hegi Waterfall, Blue Lake. On the banks of the rice there are many cozy cafes, rental of boats and catamarans. Lake amazes with its beauty and space. The cost of the bus excursion is about 800 rubles. You can go on an excursion on Uaz. Then you will visit more hard to reach: Auadhara source, Alpine meadows, Lake Mz. The cost of such a trip from 1500 rubles. From an open car it is easier to see all the delights of the environment, but you need to take warm clothes with you, as it will be pretty cold in some sections.

History Sukhuma

Climate in Sukhumi

Climate Sukhum is determined by its location in the center of the subtropical zone of the Caucasus. Here is uniform temperature, moderate air humidity and a lot of sun. From the sea blowing a refreshing breeze, but almost never harsh winds. As evidenced by the weather data in Sukhum for months, the most appropriate time for rendering here — In April and then from June to October.

Sukhum, Abkhazia Rest, Reviews, Sukhum Hotels Travel Guide

Sukhum: Entertainment and Activities

In Sukhumi, the perfect environment for a beach holiday, recreation and various sports. Resort beaches are equipped with table tennis and sports grounds. There is also happy to spend time fishermen. Wonderful fishing possible and went to one of the mountain streams. The mountains are also organized and hunt game. Another exciting sport — rafting, so called down the rivers on boats adapted to this.

Perhaps the most favorite sport Abkhazians — horseback riding. So your vacation in Sukhum — the best chance with the help of an experienced instructor for the first time to ride a horse. It is very popular with horse riding and there are plenty of interesting routes for beginners as well as experienced riders.

bay City — unbeatable location for diving. On the seabed is a real paradise for lovers of ancient ruins: here lie the remains of the city Dioskuriya. Dives are available to both experienced divers and beginners, which provide their services to professional instructor.

Even in the XIX century, Sukhum has got a well-deserved fame of the best health resort of the our Empire. Even then, it is in Sukhum sought to improve their health, people with heart and lung diseases. A local curative mud and radon water recuperate more legions of ancient Rome.

Today in sanatoriums and health resorts of Sukhumi seek people with lung diseases, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. It’s good climatic and spa resort.

Transport features Sukhum

To move around the capital of Abkhazia can use the trolley bus, bus, taxi and the usual. Trolleybuses ply the three routes between the Central Market, the railway station, lighthouse and Thubunom fare in the amount of three rubles is usually taken at the exit. Two bus routes connecting the market and the lighthouse, and new market area, carry passengers for 10 rubles. Taxis in Sukhum quite a lot, you can use them for about 15-20 rubles.

Sukhum is located in the heart of Abkhazia. So staying here, for a small period of time you can visit and inspect other resorts and the most interesting sights of the country. Distance from Sukhum to Gagr – 80 kilometers, to Gutauda – 90, to Pitsunda — Total 37. Moving around the country is convenient with buses and route taxis. Interestingly, they have no fixed ticket prices – it is accepted here to bargain. Up Gudauta can be reached about 30 rubles, to New Athon — for 50.

Railway connects Sukhum with cities located in the direction of the border with Russia. Also in the city there is a port where our vessels arrive. Not far from Sukhuma is Babushar Airport. It is used almost only for excursion flights to the mountain village of Pshu.

Sukhum, Abkhazia Rest, Reviews, Sukhum Hotels Travel Guide

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